Estee Lauder Sharpener Taille Crayon Price & Photos


Estee Lauder Sharpener Taille Crayon

Eye pencil and lip pencil sharpeners are a must for every lady. No matter if you are newbie to makeup or have deeper interests in makeup, a good pencil sharpener is a must for all.

When I say a good sharpener I really mean it. There are many eye/lip pencil sharpeners available in markets but having a good sharpener matters a lot as it ensures that there is less product wastage. A bad sharpener does not give a sharp tip easily and often breaks the tip, resulting in excess product wastage but when you have a good sharpener you know that there will be no extra wastage or rather should I say that there will no more than needed wastage of product.

I recently got myself the Estee Lauder Sharpener Taille Crayon. Today I am here to only show you how this sharpener looks and will review it in coming days.

Have a look.

Estee Lauder Sharpener Taille Crayon

About Estee Lauder Sharpener Taille Crayon:

  • Multi-sharpening tool fits all Estee Lauder lip and eye pencils.
  • Precision sharpener catches shavings for easy disposal. Different size openings fit any pencil.
  • With just a quick twist your pencil is perfectly sharp.

Directions For Use: To remove shavings, open by lifting the top logo’ed panel. Empty the sharpener, using the included tool to clean out stubborn shavings. You can also remove the black sharpening cartridge if necessary.

Price: $ 9

Estee Lauder Sharpener Taille Crayon Packaging

Packaging: This dual sharpener comes in an outer blue carton packaging. It is a blue black sharpener which looks really cute & sturdy. It has a cover up lid that stores the shavings and allows on the way sharpening without the worry of getting a mess created. You can dispose the shavings by lifting the lid panel. There is also a tool provided to remove the product shavings that often gets stuck near/ on the blades. The sharpener has two sharpening slots which allows for sharpening both the thin and chubby pencils. The overall appeal of sharpener is classy.

Estee Lauder Sharpener Taille Crayon.

I have not used the sharpener yet but am hopeful that it is good. Since it is an Estee Lauder product I feel that this will prove to be a good purchase, let us see how this impresses me. I really wish that it stands up to my hopes.

Stay tuned for the review.

Have you tried Estee Lauder Sharpener Taille Crayon?

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  1. I somehow do not see myself splurging on a high end sharpner anytime in the future
    It seems like an outstanding makeul tool, but that’s so me!

    • Amount of eyeliner tip i have lost because of these local sharpener its better to invest in a high end one..Just my thought 🙂


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