Everyday Double Eyeliner Eye Makeup Tutorial



Hi everybody,

While dramatic eye makeup looks leave people very impressed, simple creative looks would be most desired ones here by readers. Today, I am doing my first eye makeup look here which is a simple everyday look but appears to be very pretty in person.


double eye liner  tutorial


Let us get started with Everyday Double Eyeliner Eye Makeup tutorial:-

Step 1: Moisturise your eyes and conceal the areas that require coverage.

Step 2: Line your upper lash line with a black eye liner. I am using Maybelline gel eyeliner for this step. The line should be moderately thick and uniform.


eyemakeup step2


Step 3 and 4: Fill in your brows and shape them nicely. Defined eye brows change the complete look of a person. I have used rimmel London eye brow pencil in the shade black brown.


eye makeup step3 and 4


Also, apply kohl on your water line. I have used colorbar kohl intense eyeliner for this step.

Step 5: Apply the turquoise eyeliner just above the black one. I have applied it in the same thickness as I applied the black one. I used inglot gel eyeliner shade 87 for this step.


double liner eye makeup step5


Step 6: Now take a medium green eyeshadow on a pencil or angled brush and apply on the outer 2/3rd of the lower lash line. I have used the middle shade from bourjois trio eyeshadow palette vert trendy.


blue eyeliner step6


Also, apply highlighter in the inner corner and tear duct area.  I have used the lightest shade from the same palette for this step.

Step 7: Apply highlighter on the brow bone for enhanced look. I have used inglot eye shadow shade 30 for this.


eye makeup tutorial step7


Step 8: Curl your eye lashes and apply mascara and voala that’s the last step. I have used basicare eye lash curler and Maybelline hypercurl mascara since it is an everyday look and I did not want a dramatic mascara for this.


everyday double liner look step8


Your everyday double eyeliner eye makeup look is achieved. Otherwise it is a bit hard to wear shades like turquoise or teal but this look can be easily achieved and worn too. What say guys?


eye makeup cosmetics


Please do let me know in the comments if you like this look. Take care!

Have you tried double eyeliner eye make up?

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  1. hi Sahiba… I do this eye makeup everyday n it looks really awesome.. u can also play with colors a lot.. i generally apply the upper color first starting from the base n then on top of it i apply the black liner. btw.. u have lovely eyes..


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