Everyday Struggles Of Girls With Long Hair


Everyday Struggles Of Girls With Long Hair

We often find the girls with long hair as beautiful or we usually envy the hair and just hope and pray or wish we had the same hair ever. But there is this thing that we always see the greener pastures which holds true. Only the people with longer hair would know, what are the struggles they face every day to deal with the long hair that they have.

Washing the hair


Long hair would obviously take more time to be shampooed or cleaned and this in itself is a big struggle for every day. One would need extra time to wash them and condition them. It is like spending an extra hour compared to people with short hair who would definitely be luckier to be ready in lesser time every morning.

Drying the hair


Drying your hair and then combing them is another struggle that people with long hair would definitely feel as a burden every morning. It reminds me of my school days when I used to keep 15 minutes extra to get my curly hair combed from my mother who was also working at that time and had to leave in next 25 minutes! Drying my hair was equally strenuous task for me than to think of combing them. Blow drying, putting them to a decent hairstyle amongst the various choices…aah too much to ask for! Specially if you come to think of it all in winters with heavy chill outside, one has to dry the hair to avoid getting unnecessary cold outside.

Styling the Hair

 styling hair

As I already mentioned, with so many options to do, we are more confused to choose the right one as we are almost bored with the same look with those hair that we have. Curling, straightening, all are time-costly affairs and we just cannot afford to put them to desired results too often, which are more than anything, too frustrating. Even if we do it over the weekends or free time, we are more than tired to get them done as the time taken to get it done is enormous leaving us panting half way or regretting having longer hair.

Choosing the right clothes

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Yes! It may sound weird but with long hair you need to be very cautious of choosing the right kind of clothes as you can lose your hair strands to zippers, or other similar parts of your clothes. You also need to save your hair from other’s clothes which might harm your hair.

Making buns

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This is even more serious! You think you are sorting your issue by tying your hair in a messy bun but what you end up is a big bird nest on your head! Even if you try putting it in a neat bun, you do not feel light as it is a lot of burden on your head that you try and hold with a number of pins or a big clip! Too hard to carry whole day!


benefits of oiling Hair

Even the basic process of oiling the hair becomes too time consuming and one tends to leave it or avoid it completely as we get tired or feel awry of maintaining a regime of getting it done. Often than not, the hair fall prey to our laziness.

I am sure people with longer hair would agree to this and people with shorter hair would also agree to this that long hair might sound like a dream or look awesomely pretty, it takes a lot to maintain them healthy and beautiful.

Do you also fee the same struggles with your long mane?

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  1. Washing is still okay but blow drying consumes so much of energy i tell you 🙁 but you ask any long hair girl she will not like to get even one inch trimmed 😛


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