Everything About Teej Festival


Everything About Teej Festival

Teej is a 3 day festival celebration in Northern and Western India by Hindu women. There are two reasons for celebration of Teej; the re-union of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva and the onset of monsoon season. The interesting thing is it is celebrated in different ways in different states.

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According to the scripts, on 108th birthday of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva accepts her as his wife seeing her dedication for him. Goddess herself blessed this day and all the married women who worship her this day. Like Parvati had much patience while waiting for Lord Shiva, all the married women spend sleepless nights and do fasting which is nirjala vrat; this means not taking both food and water.

This day women dress up like bride or newlywed which includes red, green and yellow colors. However these colors vary from region to region. Women wear mehndi like new brides and get ready.

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Teej means third day of Saavan or shraavan and the celebrations occur with enthusiasm in Haryana, Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. This is a minor festival in Delhi, Gujarat and MP.

There are two different beliefs which inspire this attire:

  1. The women in Bihar wear hues of red and wear heavy gold accessories from head to toe looking like a bride.
  2. Rajasthani women wear all green dress or saree all embroidered in zari and zardozi with heavy accessories and mehndi. This attire is same as in UP.

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Celebrations in Different Places


It’s one of the prominent Hindu festivals in Rajasthan where women perform dance and celebrate the festival as a grand affair. Women wear green outfits with silver kerhas. Large market seems to open these 3 days. Leheriya prints in tie and dye, kundans and meenakari jewelry are most popular. Different types of jewelry can also observed here. Six men wear traditional red dress and carry goddess Parvati’s statue in a palanquin.

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Gujarat festivals are mostly inspired by Rajasthan since these two are neighbor states. Dance like garba and dandiya are observed here by women wearing ghagra choli. Gujarati traditional dresses, jewelry and many embellishments on this occasion are a common sight. Married women wear red, yellow and green sarees, ghagra cholis and suits most which has zari work or gota work. However most women wear multi-colored lehengas and saree drapes  Gujarati style. Husbands gift sweets and clothes to their wives as a symbol of blessings.


Teej is one of the most popular festival for Punjabi women. Even schools and colleges celebrate by organizing cultural programs and competitions. Singing, dancing, mehndi, rangoli and many more things happen during this time. Gidda is the Punjabi folk dance which is famous in the rural areas by Punjabi women dedicating to their respective husbands. In the markets, traditional outfits and accessories are widely available.

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Few Facts About Teej

  • Teej is a highly accepted and celebrated festival in Nepal.
  • Applying alta and mehandi is a must.
  • In the houe backyards and gardens, women sing traditional songs and perform dance.
  • Women lit an oil lamp and this should keep burning throughout the night; if it dies in the middle of the night, it’s a bad omen and this means the husband may also die soon.
  • Punjabis call Teej as Teeyan.

These were few things I wanted to share about Teej festival.

Are you celebrating Teej? What are you planning to do this time? Let us know.

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