Everyuth Naturals Rose Face Pack Review


By Jaya Pradha

Everyuth Naturals Rose Face Pack


Hello charming ladies..How are you all doing? I’m back again with a review on Everyuth Naturals home facial rose face pack. We all are familiar with the brand and we have to agree their products are worth to be tried. And this joins one among them. I bought this face pack just like that with no aims. But this didn’t act too bad . Lets see how it faired on me.


Everyuth Naturals Rose Face Pack


Price: INR 20 for 25g

Shelf life: 2 yrs

Ingredients: Kaolin, Rose petal powder, Bentonite , Talc, Fragrance, Methyl paraben sodium, Sodium benzoate.

Usage: Wash your face. Mix 1-2 spoons of the face pack with cold water and apply the paste on face and neck. Let it dry and rinse with water after 10-15 minutes.

My Experience with Everyuth Naturals Rose Face Pack:

The product comes in a cardboard box inside which you find a packet with this powder face pack. The outer pack says the pack is enriched with properties of rose petals and multani mitti. It cleanses the skin ,helps remove impurities and bacteria without taking away the skin’s lustre and makes you look fresh and glowing. Coming to the description, the powder is little coarse and when mixed with water you can see the pinkish hint of color which makes us feel that the product swears the presence of rose petal powder. The pack has a beautiful aroma of fresh roses but hold on, we cannot be sure if it is from rose petal powder or from the fragrance mentioned in ingredients


Everyuth Rose Face Pack usage


I mixed the face pack with Dabur Gulabari gulabjal. The pack appeared so good in pinkish color,with little coarse particles which I love as I can scrub when washing at the end.

On applying the product, it gave me a chill chill sensation. (I know any face pack mixed with water would do it:-P)But still I loved it with that fresh scent of rose petals. And being mixed with Gulabari, it gave me even more scent of rose which I loved much. Felt rosy rosy on my skin. The scent remained till I washed the pack and felt my skin was stiffened on drying process but I liked the effect.


Everyth Rose Face Pack


After letting it dry for 20 minutes and I washed off with water, scrubbing the pack. I did not expect much but it gave a considerable freshness to my skin. I have tried many face packs but everything would dry me and I liked it as I have oily skin. But I have to say this cuties, for the first time after using this pack, I experienced how pampered my skin will be with moisture without dryness 🙂 Dance!Dance! 🙂 I think both dry and oily skinned beauties can give this a try. And for such a low price you can enjoy having a refreshed look 🙂

The quantity is sufficient to use for an entire month when used twice a week. Continuous usage may not give any dramatic results. This would suffice only for the need of refreshed look for a day.


Everyuth Rose Face Pack swatch


What I like about Everyuth Naturals Rose Face Pack:

  • Low price. College students like me will enjoyJ
  • Gives a fresh look.
  • Restores natural moisture of the skin.
  • Skin feels deeply cleansed.
  • Attractive aroma of fresh rose petals.
  • Natural product without much chemicals.

What I don’t like about Everyuth Naturals Rose Face Pack:

  • Glow lasts only for a day.
  • Even continuous usage doesn’t give any improvement.
  • Effect is not noticeable.

Will not help you if you have huge expectations. Overall I did not find this product so pleasing. I only feel happy about the refreshed look and nothing elseL


Have you tried Everyuth Naturals Rose Face Pack?

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  1. Product Quality has changed. Was wonderful earlier . Now its not even 25% as good as before. I used to use only this face pack since its launch so can feel the change.

  2. Product Quality has changed. Was wonderful earlier . Now its not even 5% as good as before. I used to use only this face pack since its launch so can feel the change.


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