Exfoliation for sensitive skin


Recently one of my friend Harsha said that her skin is quite sensitive and oily. She cannot exfoliate her skin though she suffer from blackheads and white heads problem. This is because even mild exfoliating products do not suit her skin.If you too have  sensitive skin then following natural remedies can help you out.



*Sea salt-This is safe and is full of minerals and rejuvenates the skin. If combined with various oils such as> jajoba or olive oil it can exfoliate dry sensitive skin .

*Mixing brown sugar with olive oil is good for exfoliating all skin types. You can mix honey with brown sugar , it act as nourishing scrub.

*Baking soda with any essential oil is good for sensitive skin.

*Honey and> oatmeal nourishes the skin and makes it soft.

* Take cornmeal and add mixture of 2tbsp of vinegar and honey along with distilled water(available in medical shops).Add two slices of mashed ripe mangoes and store it in your fridge. You can use this scrub on your whole body and can store it in your fridge for a week.

*Orange juice extract and oatmeal can be mixed together and used as a scrub. Orange extract smell gives a pleasant smell and is one of the popular scrubs.

Whenever you exfoliate do not for get to moisturize your skin. Also if you have sensitive skin it might be possible that you may react to any of the ingredient mentioned above so do a test patch before using it.

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