Exfoliation with the help of tooth brush at home


Old layer of our skin constantly shed itself as it is pushed by the newer skin layer. If we exfoliate the top most layer of our skin then moisturizing the skin and using other treatment becomes more effective.Our skin needs proper care and nourishment to avoid problems like pores.Every one suffers from this problem and if this problem get stretched for long then closing them becomes a tough task. Some people resort to laser treatment which is not long lasting. Exfoliating our skin helps in rejuvenating the skin and helps in cleaning the pores.

If our pores get clogged up by oil or bacteria then when it is exposed to air the color of the pores get dark which result in black heads. If pores is closed then it results in formation of white blood cells which attacks the bacteria.

Below here is an easy and a simple way to exfoliate your skin with the help of a toothbrush:-

You can use two things to exfoliate your skin with a brush
1. Use Aspirin for exfoliation. To know about Aspirin face mask click here.Dissolve 2-3 tablets of Asprin in water and apply the mixture on your skin. Gently massage the brush on your face in circular motions. Your T zone and for head are areas which are more prone to oil and dirt and therefore pay more attention to these area while exfoliating your face.
2. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it on your face. Gently massage the brush on your face in a circular motion with the help of the tooth brush. Baking soda is an effective way to clean your skin and make it soft .It is suitable for those having sensitive skin too.
After using any of the above remedies for exfoliation rinse your face and clean your tooth brush  by running it under the tap for a minute.
Apply toner and moisturizer after exfoliating your skin. If you want you can use electric tooth brush too. Make sure that the bristle of the toothbrush is not too hard on your skin. You can use kids tooth brush as they are super soft and you will enjoy exfoliating with it.
You will notice the difference right after using it for the first time
Few other ways you can make use of tooth brush and enhance your beauty are as follows:-
1. Suffering from chapped lips problem? Just exfoliate your skin by making a scrub and using your tooth brush. You can use below homemade scrub for getting rid of chapped lips.
Take ½ tsp. of sugar , ¼ tsp. of Vaseline and gently scrub your lips in circular motion. This will take off all the flakes and will make your lips soft too. To know more about this wonder product Vaseline and its uses click here.
Take 1tsp of olive oil and little sugar in it. Make a paste of it, apply on your lips and scrub with a tooth brush.
Once you have used any of the above remedy apply your favorite lip balm and let it absorb slightly.  Applying lip make up after scrubbing and moisturizing enhances lip make up too.
2. You can clean your nail by using tooth brush as a nail brush too.
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  1. Meghna..if your skin is senstive then do a test patch on the back side of your hand..the place is very sensitive and if it works there then it will work on your face alsoalso for sensitive skin do not use brush exfoliation..u can use oat scrub ..that is gentle for your scereen.


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