experimenting with nail art at home

Before you start judging me I must tell you that I am not an artist but absolutely love nail art.Recently one of my friend who had done nail art course taught me how to do basic nail art with the help of  tool shown below.
This tool is called as nail art marbling and dotting tool and it is easily available in the market.I think it is a must have if you like experimenting with nails.

I had been a nail biter through out my life 🙂 and before my marriage I made some attempts to get rid of this habit. I followed some of the herbal remedies to grow them fast and make them strong too.I experienced a phenomenal change.To read about the remedies click here.
(Sorry for the pic as it got quite blurred)

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  1. Thanks Cynthia and Sneha!!!I don like my hand much so was pretty hesitant in uploading the pic.You people made my day::)


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