Extreme Plastic Surgery- Will You Go For It, Pros And Cons


Extreme Plastic Surgery- Would You Go For It, Pros And Cons

Plastic surgery was meant to reconstruct a person’s face and after a mishap or diseases lead to a deformity. It has become a beauty procedure now. Anyone who is unsatisfied with their looks and have the money can go under the knife. Extreme plastic surgery changes the look of a person completely depending on how many procedures one goes through. You can get your eyes, lips, nose and cheeks changed. Your body can be made to look more toned with plastic surgery. I think that the day is not far when surgeons will be able to make a person look exactly like their favourite celebrities just like we see in some movies where a person acquires a completely new face.

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Plastic surgery has the power to make you look like a new person if not look like an identical twin to someone. Have you ever thought of getting a completely new look? If given a chance, I will want to make my nose look somewhat pointed but nothing more than that. If plastic surgery becomes easily affordable, it will definitely create a hell lot of problems for governments worldwide. Imagine people applying for new driving licences and other photo ID proofs because they have a new face now 😛

extreme plastic surgery pros and cons

We have seen many celebrities going for plastic surgeries to look more beautiful and quite a few of them have been disastrous and obviously we have seen successes as well. Extreme plastic surgeries change face so much that it may be hard to recognize a person. This sometimes even leads to mental disorders.

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If you are also considering any plastic surgery, you would want to go through these pros and cons-

Pros Of Extreme Plastic Surgery

It is a boon for persons suffering from a deformity due to an accident.

Plastic surgery also solves some health concerns. For example, a nose surgery can help one get rid of sinus problems.

Many people are not confident of their looks and extreme plastic surgery can help in boosting their confidence levels by making them look as they want to.

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Cons Of Extreme Plastic Surgery

Even though many people consider plastic surgery as a safe cosmetic procedure, the truth that there can be complications. There can be infections and definitely pain is there after you get your plastic surgery done.

Extreme plastic surgeries may not desired results sometimes. We have seen this happening with many celebrities when a nose job or lip job makes a person look bad.

Some people may have really high expectations of plastic surgeries and they may be disappointed after seeing the results.

Extreme plastic surgeries can create mental pressure on a person if their friends and families do not approve of the new look.

Such makeover can even shock the person undergoing surgeries as they may feel like being in a different body. It sometimes leads even to bipolar disorders.

Well cost is also a con as extreme plastic surgeries are priced exorbitantly. Not everyone can afford them and many times a person who really needs it, may not be able to get these surgeries.

What are your thoughts on extreme plastic surgeries?

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