Eye care tips

Only time we thank god for our eyes when we see a blind person or our own vision begins to fail us.Your eyes need equal amount of care that your skin needs .By using few precautions and measures can make lot of difference later in life.

Below are some tips to keep your eyes healthy.

1. Soak cotton balls in rose essence(gulab jal) and apply it on your eyes for few minutes. This will smoothen your eyes, will remove redness and inflammation from it.
2. Take 1/3rd rose essence and 2/3 of distilled or clean water and keep it in the fridge. Put one drop of this solution in your eyes twice a day. This will remove tiredness from your eyes.
3. Never wash your eyes with lukewarm water. This is believes to effect eye sight. Wash your eyes with water 3-4 times a day with fresh water.
4. Always clean your eyes with a clean tissue paper and not with sari or any suit duappata.
5. Keep 1 ½ feet distance from your eyes while reading and blink your eyes frequently while watching TV or working on computer.

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  1. hey can u tell me any tip for my eyes?my eye sight is just going weaker and weaker and i just dont like to wear glasses yaaaar:-)

  2. Thanks for bringing this up, such good information to share with. Everyone should consider those tips to have better eyesight.


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