Eye chart and make up break down of golden brown look


This is for Ishika:)


In my yesterday post I did this golden brownish or your can say bronze eye shadow look.Instead of a video tutorial I thought of doing the break down with an eye chart.

I used this Maybelline New York Expert wear Chai Latte 595EQU-22 eye shadow.I have marked the shades as a, b , c , d so that those who are beginners in make up can understand how I went with it on the eye chart.

Step1-I started with the chocolate brown color first i.e b.Started applying “b” on the outer corner by making an outer V.With the help of an eye shadow brush I took  the color to the crease of my eyes from the outer corner.You can go through the face chart too to know more.
Step2-Applied the golden color “a” on my eye lid and then blend a and b so that there is no harsh rays and the colors look pretty much blended.
Step3-Applied the dust color “c” above the “b” with a light hand.
Step4-Applied the white (brow bone highlighter) on my brow bone above the “c”.They are many pretty brow
bone highlighter pencil available in the market which brightens up the eyes but I specifically used this one only so that one palette can give complete look.
Step5-With a blending brush blended “c” and “d”.
Step6-Applied a thin eyeliner and mascara
Step7-Applied the same “a” on half of lower lash line starting from the inner corners of my eyes.
Step8-Applied Shahnaj Kajal on my lower lash line starting from the outer corner of my life.
Also I filled my eye brows with the chocolate brown color.
One can play with girls as much as they like .Only thing is some rules always work like when you are  applying eye shadows start from the darkest eye shadow and then take it to the lightest.
Hope you like the liked the look and the eye chart.Do let me know weather it was helpful or not.:)



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