Eye Make-up Tricks You Must Try


Eye Make-up Tricks You Must Try


Eye makeup is the most emphasized and detailed part of makeup. You might not get really wrong while applying your lipsticks or blushes but the probabilities of doing wrong eye make-up are always more. While an amazing eye makeup can change your complete look, a mistake can actually make you feel in-confident.

Here are some expert tips on eye make-up which will help you gain more confidence and add more drama and precision to your eye makeup!

Make your eyes look smoky without any effort:

Line your upper lash line with an eyeliner that’s black and use a brown kohl/eyeliner for your lower lash line. Just apply a chocolate brown eye shadow on your lid up to the crease, blend the liner and the eyeshadow and you are done!


easy smokey eyes


Make that non-lasting kajal pencil last like an eyeliner:

To make that non-lasting kajal pencil last like an eyeliner on your waterline, just light a lighter and place your kajal pencil over it for 3-4 seconds. The kajal will melt. Wait for 10-15 seconds to cool it and then apply it on your waterline/upper lash line. It’s going to stay for longer and is going to look darker than it actually is! The “funda” is to make your kajal pencil work like liquid eyeliner!


long lasting pencil kajal


Make a dried up mascara/liquid eyeliner work:

To make a dried up tube of mascara/liquid eyeliner work, just boil some water, turn the flame off and place the mascara/liquid eyeliner tube inside the boiled water. Wait for 5 minutes and Viola! The mascara/liquid eyeliner is as good as new!


how to use dried  mascara


Layer that liner:

Before applying your pencil liner, just go over your lash line with a sketch liner and then use your pencil liner over it.

Dried up gel liner?

Blow dry it for 40 seconds or so from a distance or just microwave it!


how to use dried gel liner


Make your mascara look outstanding:

Apply a coat of your mascara. Take a little baby powder in your palm and use a q-tip to coat the tips of your lashes with this powder. Wait for a minute or so. Apply another thick coat of your mascara. Ta-da!! Your eyelashes stand out completely!


mascara application tips


Curl the lashes!

Heat up the sponge area of your eye lash curler with a blow-dryer before using it to make the curl on your lashes last longer!


eye lash curler using tips


Layer it up!

Instead of applying one thick coat of mascara, apply two or even three thin coats of mascara, allowing each one to dry before applying the next.

Invest in an eye primer.

Make-up artists swear by eye shadow primers. They make the eye shadows look vibrant and last longer. However, if you cannot find one or it doesn’t fit your budget, you can try making it on your own. Anamika has posted a great tutorial on making your own eye shadow primer. Check tutorial HERE!

Brighten your eyes:

Before lining your waterline, add a very, very tiny line of a light shimmery eye shadow using an eyeliner brush. It is just to make the lash line catch light, without any hint of shimmer on your waterline. Then go over your waterline with your kohl pencil.


eyemakeup for brightening the eyes

Did you know about these eye makeup tricks?

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  1. Wonderfully informative post! My favorite is layering liquid liner over a sketch liner. I use this one everyday.. 🙂


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