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Today I will be writing a post about which colors pop up brown eyes. Mostly Indian people either have black or brown eyes (that’s what I have observed more) and the rest have grey/green eyes (aaah lucky people :clover: ). So This post is for people who are blessed with Brown eyes, because they can sport all those messy brown/black smokey eye makeup :dance:

I have seen people with brown eyes looking awesome with smudged kohl ( a black is always an exception 😉 ) , so brown is a definite yes :yes: but a no :no: if you have dark circles .Okay ! lets see which colors are best suited to brown eyes :rock-n-roll:

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Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes+eyeshadows for brown eyes +brown eyes eye makeup

Brown Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Yes the brown eyeshadow/eyeliner( Check 4 different style of eyeliners tutorial )  suits a lot provided if you know how to work with brown e/s. It’s not only for brown eyes, but because brown is a li’l tricky shade, if you can blend and control the amount then a brown e/s can be your best pal 😀

Beginner’s Tip: – Try placing brown e/s along the lash line and smudge it with a pencil brush. Similarly you can use a brown kohl pencil, smudge it and set with a brown e/s. Don’t forget to put in kohl to define your eyes and use lots of kajal.

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Brown smoky eyes+eye makeup for brown eyes smoky eyes

Green Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes:-

Olive/Lime Greens look best color on brown eyes, They compliment the earthy tone of your eyes so if you have seen Ana supporting all those lime/olive green then you bet it, because she has brown eyes and they just bring out the best of her eyes :rose: . You can of course try the teals and other greens, but I feel that olives and limes and acid greens just suit brown eyes the most.

teal-and-purple-eye-makeup+eye makeup for teal and purple eyes

Beginner’s Tip: – A little amount of either olive green or lime green near the tear duct area, or the center of the eye can make your eyes attractive. Try using a darker color like a black/brown or even teal green on the outer area to get a smokey look.

Check the top 5 green eyeshadows here.

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Blue Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes:-

Slate blue’s or charcoal blue’s or petrol blue’s.. any blue that is vivid and unusual for e.g MAC Deep Truth or something like Lakme Astral Blue or something like Coastal Scents Night Swim mineral eyeshadow will enhance the brown eyes.

Beginner’s Tip: – Use these colors either in form of eyeshadows or eyepencils or even mascara’s.

Plum Eyeshadows For Brown Eyes:-

Revlon-plum-galazy-EOTD+plum eye makeup for brown eyes

Plums-à another variant of Purples 😀 .. plums are also one of the best suited eyeshadows for brown eyes.

Beginner’s Tip: – A dark eggplant purple combined with a light silver or lilac shade would look best as the silver/lilac will highlight the inner corners and the purple on the rest of the lid would harmonize the whole look without going over the board. You can also put some shimmery eyeshadow if you want.

Check  a few plum eyeshadows here, here, here, and here.

Peaches & Champagne Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes:-

Peaches and champagne eye makeup for brown eyes+brown eyes eye makeup

These eyeshadows work well with brown eyes, and work great if used as an eyeshadow or to highlight.

Beginner’s Tip: – Sweep the e/s either on whole lid or in inner corner or to highlight the brown bone. Best used if sweeped across the lower lash line, this will widen up your eyes.

Check a few peach and champagne eyeshadows here, here, here.

 The don’ts For Brown Eyes:-

  • Please Avoid yellow on its own.. if you’re planning to wear yellow, then pair it with some alternate dark eyeshadows.

Concluding the post, I would say that this is just a simple guide post, where you can atleast try a few eyeshadows that will suit your brown eyes. If you are adventurous enough, then you can try almost any eyeshadow. But take care for brown eyeshadow, if you aren’t that good in blending part, then either use less amount of brown e/s or skip it.  Hope this post helped you J Please drop in your comments to share the color you believe works best for brown eyes!!

Godbless ! :-*

P.S :- All the references have been penned down according to my own experience and observation, also I have studied Ana’s eye makeup posts because she has lovely dark brown eyes :lashes:

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  1. I have DARK BROWN EYES which my stupid BF think is black n fights with me over it and Hell i :heart: this post… I am BMing this.. Greaatttttttttttesttt tips and tricks ..Upsi! Hi 5 my babe! U rockkkkkkkkk :highfive: :hug-makeup: :chic: :dance-left-right: :yippee: :tap-dance: :rock-n-roll: :yes: :drunk: :clap:

  2. upsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii babes u totally rockkkkkkk :-* :-* :-* :-* i have dark brown eyes and dis is gonna be so usefulllllll..awesome compliation sweety :heart:

  3. You eye makeup isss sooo pretty!I totally agree with all the points you mentioned! I have hazel brown eyes, olive green, plum, backened purple, brown shadows, even royal blue shadow suits me a lot! I tried warm orange shadow from inglot amc 5q and that too looked gr8 on me! :yes:

  4. Nice compilation Oopsi. I hv brown-black eyes i guess. 😛 Looks black from far n dark brown up close. :idk: :struggle: Blue and green suits me the best. 🙂 I love purple but some how it doesn’t look as gud as my expectation. 😛 Warm shades suit me too.brown,yellow,orange 😀

  5. bookmarked this post! i truly loved your ore inspired tutorial infact i think your eyemakeup was much better than the model in the first pic 🙂 fabulous!


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