Eye Makeup Ideas For Valentines Day – Suggestions


Supriya asks

Hi Everyone,

Do you have any special eye makeup planned for Valentines day? Do you think smoky eyes will be good to go or any other simple eye makeup tips which you would like to share.


valentines day makeup ideas



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  1. Hi, nice question. I haven’t yet planned any make-up for the V Day. Not sure what my plans are too. But depending on what my plan for the day is I would select my make-up.

    For a day out, I would like t keep it natural makeup, with BB Cream, concealer, light pink and gold eyeshadow, just tightening of the upper lash line-no eye liner, Hot pink blush(will not compromise on the blush), nude lips, loads of mascara for those fluttering eyelashes 🙂

    For evening plan ,light foundation,concealer, medium smokey eyes, cat eyes, slight shimmer blush like MAC Sunbasque, highlighter, prominent lip color and gloss but not too dark( you dont want the color all over him 😉 ). loads of mascara again.


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