Eye Makeup Tips For Girls With Small Eyes


Eye Makeup Tips For Girls With Small Eyes

Eye makeup is something very essential to women as it changes their personality and is the first thing that is being noticed amongst human faces. Since eyes are our mirror to the world, we have to be very expressive with them. If you have a little small eyes compared to people with vibrant looking big eyes, I can feel your pain as I share it with you. I am very keen to find makeup tips to make my eyes bigger and better. Today, I am bringing something on the table which could make you look prettier with bigger eyes. Read On!

One tip for the people with smaller eyes is that we need to keep our eyebrows trimmed at all times. This is to ensure that our face and eyes do not look even small and it is easy to define our eyes. Before starting any make up please ensure that your brows are well groomed accordingly to your face cut. I would suggest you to keep your brows thin.

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With thin brows your eyes looks bigger by default. So try to keep your brows trimmed and groomed in every 10-15 days or as and when required.

Applying Eye Shadow


Applying an eye shadow is one of the basic steps to make your eyes look bigger. One must begin with a light shimmery eye shadow applied to the corner of the eyes. This will ensure you do not look sleepy or gloomy or your eyes do not give a droopy impression. Usually dark brown or grey eye shadow might help. One must also use a darker color to give a deeper undertone to the eye which makes them look bigger. Always remember to keep the darker colors away from the tear duct part of your eye.

Applying eyeliner

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Always use a darker shade of eye liner to make your eyes look defined and bigger. Apply the eyeliner on your upper lash, making it thicker once you start moving towards the outer corner of your eye. Try to extend the liner further than your eye size to make it look bigger and better.

Curling the Eyelashes


You may want to curl your eye lashes starting at your lash line. This helps eyes to look bigger as well.

Smoky eye makeup

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Another trick is to smudge your eye line after once applying the eye pencil over your eyes. This would create a smoky eye effect to make it even bigger. This is a sure shot way to make your eyes look brighter and bigger. They also have a good sensuous appeal to them which makes you look attractive.

Applying mascara

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As I shared in my last post on eye makeup, always use a clean mascara brush on your eye lashes to open up the eye lashes which makes them look naturally bigger. Now dip the mascara and apply it to have better and bigger eyes. Two coats are fine on the upper eye lids. Apply one coat at the lower eye lashes as more volume usually leads to clumps.

Having smaller eyes does not mean an end of the road for you. The ways suggested above can make you look even better than people with bigger eyes. Understood, their eyes look more defined but yours would look good too once you try these tricks.

Have you tried these simple tips?

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