Eye Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes


Eye Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes look seriously beautiful. They have multiple hues. Sometimes they look green and may look brown at others. They have a gold sheen to them that makes hazel eyes stand out. Hazel eyes look beautiful on their own but obviously makeup can make them even better. Fall colors are very well suited for this eye color.


If you have hazel eyes then you can use many colors of eyeshadow to enhance them. Take a look at these suggestions regarding Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes-


Brown eye shadow is meant for your eyes. You can use the lightest and the darkest browns on your hazel eyes. Use of brown makes your eyes look more brown and is a great color for day looks.

Lavender and Plum

These are the colors for you if you need a sexy night makeup look. These colors make your eyes look brighter and make them really stand out.


Hazel eyes have gold sheen to them and wearing a gold eyeshadow makes them look even shinier. Gold eyeshadow makes your eyes look like shimmering gold. You can mix gold eye shadow with any of your eye makeup look or use gold on its own. Remember to stay clear of dull or pale golds.


Soft dusty pinks are for hazel eyes if you are looking to get a romantic look. Mauve shades also have the same effect. These colors take away the striking look and make your eyes look softer.


This color family is highly recommended for hazel eyes. Deep purple brings out the green in your eyes. It is the perfect shade for creating contrast. Purples make hazel eyes look attractive and elegant at the same time. Colors like violet, egg plant and lilac are the way to go.

More Color Choices

Beige and caramel shades bring out the green of hazel eyes. Green is also the right color to make hazel eyes look greener. Some more colors that work favorably for hazel eyes are grey, burgundy, rust and fuchsia.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Black is the most suitable color for hazel eyes when it comes to eyeliner and mascara. You can also pick brown for the purpose.

Avoid These

Blues may not work on hazel eyes all the time. You can wear lighter shades of blue but do not pick blues that are on the dark side. Blue makes hazel eyes look dull so even if you really want to wear blue on eyes, choose a light shade and use it in combination with other suitable colors.

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