Eye Makeup Tutorial With Inglot AMC Pure Pigment # 85 + VIDEO


Eye Makeup Tutorial With Inglot AMC Pure Pigment # 85 + VIDEO

Hello girls, how are you all?

Today I am here not with a review or a haul, but with an eye makeup tutorial.

Eyeshadow pigments have become very popular these days, but still many girls do not find it as handy as the usual pressed eye shadows. So today with the simple makeup tutorial I will show you all how an eye shadow pigment can be used to create a dramatic eye look.

But before I head with the makeup tutorial let me first introduce you all with the main product of the tutorial, i.e. the Inglot AMC Pure Pigment in shade 85.

About Inglot AMC Pure Pigment # 85:

Sponge gourd oil and almost 90% pure pigment gives this highly concentrated loose colored powder the ability to range from subtle to ultra intense effects depending on application.
Pigments can be mixed with DURALINE to create liquid forms of all pigment colors.

Net Wt: 2 gms

I have had this pigment with me for over two years and I totally love it. The packaging is quite sturdy and I love the quantity offered. The pigment is definitely going to last very long.

It is a beautiful reddish brown shade with tiny green pigments popping up. I would say that, this is a perfect party shade.

You can buy similar shade eye pigment from Flipkart.com here .

So now that you have enough info about the pigment, let us start with the tutorial now:

  • Squeeze out some primer on the tip of your ring finger and apply it all over your lids and at the brow bone. I have sued Urban Decay Eye Primer here.
  • Now with the help of a smudge brush, apply a black gel eye liner all over your lids. I have used Maybelline black gel eye liner and MAC 219 smudge brush here. You can use the gel liner and brush of your preference as well.
  • After you have evenly applied the black gel eye liner all over lids, it is now time to apply the eye shadow pigment all over the lid. I have used Sigma E55 brush to serve the purpose here. You need to gently pat the pigment over lids and do not go with numerous to and fro motion s of the brush.
    Remember to dust off the extra pigment from the brush by patting in the pot before applying it on the lids.
  • Now apply a muted shade of brown eye shadow in the crease area to blend out the shades on lids. You can apply any muted shade of your preference as well.
  • Use any highlighting shade to highlight the brow bone.
  • To highlight the inner corners of the eyes, I am using a beautiful eye shadow by the Loreal Infalliable series called Eternal Sunshine. I am using The Real Techniques pixel point highlighting brush here to highlight my inner corners of eyes.
  • Now with the help of Sigma E05 to line my water line with the Maybelline black gel eye liner.
  • With the help of Inglot 30P I have used Maybelline black gel eye liner to liner my upper lash line.
  • Now Curl your lashes with the help of an eye lash curler and finish off by applying loads of mascara.



So here you have gorgeous eye makeup done with some very easy steps. Do not forget to give thumbs up if you like the tutorial and do share the tutorial if you would like your friends too to learn this eye makeup look.

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  1. i loved this tutorial.. so easy, and actually applying gel liner all over lids was something that i have not tried before… will try it soon.


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