Eye Makeup With One Color Tutorial


No matter how many eyeshadows I  want to use in my  eye makeup most of the time I end up using one or two .Thanks to the busy life style which we all live every day where taking out hours for our self seems luxury .This post is for all of those who just have the time to use one eyeshadow and eyeliner before rushing to office.

In the below eye makeup I just used Coastal scent Amaretto eyeshadow  and used Coastal scent shamrock liquid eyeliner to pop up the eyes.If going for office I would have limited myself to a brown or a black eyeliner instead of a glittery one below.


Eye makeup coastal scent hot pot Amaretto


Coastal Scent Amaretto eyeshadow is a dupe of MAC Sable .I recently did a post on it .You can read the detail review and check the swatch  here


Coastal scent hot pot Amaretto +MAC Sable dupe


Lets start with the eye makeup tutorial as you must be in hurry again 😀


  1. Prime your eyes and apply a black eyeliner on your upper lashline and lower lashline.
  2. Smudge the black eyeliner  (I used MAC 219 pencil brush)
  3. Smudge the lower lash line eyeliner with same pencil brush
  4. Apply amaretto eyeshadow all over the lid and take it to the crease.If you have small eyes then take it little above the crease
  5. With a blending brush (I used MAC 226 small tapered blending brush) blend the harsh edges.
  6. With a small flat brush apply amaretto on the lower lashline as well.
  7. Finish by apply any eyeliner of your choice on upper lashline and lots of mascara.(Don’t forget to fill your brows too that makes a huge difference )



Party eye makeup with one eyeshadow+


and we are done with one eye makeup eyeshadow..Wasn’t that quick.?


Do you have tips to share for makeup lovers who are always in hurry ?


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  1. Secshiiiii! I so agree ya..it’s much easier t use just a Color or 2 when in a hurry..n waise toh anyways my brain doesn’t work t thinks more than 2ahade combos durin office days..hehe..

  2. superbbbb….. :-* :-*
    ana i have a doubt, m newbie in eye makeup and wenever i try to apply eyeliner or eye shadow at lower lash line,it gets on my lashes,i hate that,pls help me ..

  3. superb Ana.. i m loving both the e/s n the eyeliner.. 😀

    awesome shade the e/s is… any other brushes u would recommend in the affordable range for the same?

  4. hi….nice tute 🙂 I liked how you paired that eye-shadow with the green coloured liner. Simple to create but will look lik you ve put lotta time & effort on eye-make up :lipstick: :);)

  5. Awesome tute Avantika – would be v helpful for novice like me :)… happened to stumble upon ur website today.. i know too late ..:(

  6. Ana,

    You have really pretty eyes and I love the way you do your eye makeup. I feel so bad that I discovered your blog so late. Have been reading a lot of your old posts, and I’m loving one better than the other. And I also LOVE BabyBlog, and its great to see such a pretty, talented and happy mother like you. Love to your little one.


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