3 Eye Problems & Home Remedies


3 Eye Problems  & Home Remedies

 Eyes are vital organs of a human body. Eyes reveal a person’s beauty and enhance the meaning of their face. They are the windows of the human soul. They reflect the kind of person we are and express our emotions without any words. Most importantly they help us to see the beautiful world. We take care in enhancing our outward appearance. We apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, kohl and many other products to make our eyes look attractive but in the process ultimately forget the various eye problems which start with age and carelessness. The eyes are the part where crow’s feet, sagging and dark circles appear with age. It is very important to tackle these problems at the right time to prevent the condition from worsening. Take a look at some of these problems and some DIY home remedies to treat them.



Crow’s feet are the wrinkles that appear at the sides of the eyes. They are also known as laughter lines. They appear when the skin loses collagen and hyaluronic acid. One of the solutions to these problems can be Botox but they cause around 300 pounds approximately at a go. Other factors leading to crow’s feet can be excessive sun exposure, smoking and high pollution.

  • Beat one egg white until you get a foamy consistence. Apply it on the sides of the eyes. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it off with cold water. Do this remedy twice a week.
  • Gently rub a piece of raw papaya. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it off with cold water. Papaya contains vitamin C which helps in repairing of damaged skin.
  • Squeeze out some fresh aloe vera gel and apply it around the eyes overnight.

Apply cold milk mixed with almond oil around the eyes and leave it overnight.


Puffy, sagging skin underneath the eyes may be caused by fluid retention. Sagging skin under the eyes is not a medical condition and can be taken care of with few simple and easy steps.

  • Place cucumber slices over your eyes while sitting up for several minutes to minimize swelling.
  • Drink more water to eliminate salt from your diet. Eating too much salt can cause fluid retention.
  • Applying castor oil at night and massaging gently can tighten the skin under eyes.
  • Apply pineapple juice under the eyes and leave it on for about 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water.


Dark discoloration of the skin under the eyes is mainly referred to as dark circles. Some of the causes of dark circles are hereditary, aging, dryness of skin, too much crying, lack of sleep and unhealthy diet plan. We can easily get rid of dark circles by following some simple home remedies.

  • Raw potato juice contains natural bleaching agents which help in lightening the dark circles and get rid of them. Apply the juice of a raw potato and let it sit for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with cold water.
  • Take a teaspoon of tomato juice and mix it with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply it on dark circles and wash off after 10 minutes.
  • Applying a compress of iced water or cold milk directly over closed lids for 15-20 minutes also helps.
  • Take some cold buttermilk and add turmeric to it. Apply it under your eyes; wash it off after 10 minutes. This can also be applied as a face pack.
  • Apply coconut oil under your eyes and massage gently.

I hope these remedies benefit all our readers and with these few simple steps a healthy diet and a careful attitude towards our eyes we can keep these problems at bay.Afterall prevention is always better than cure.

Have you tried any of the home remedies for skin problem around eyes?

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    • I wl gve u a tip sushmita..mix equal prts of tomato juice and lemon juice and apply on ur fce..massage nd rinse off aftr 15 mins..it wll shrnk large pores with tym:)


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