Eyeliner – Elle 18 eye sparklers review , swatches and photos


Elle 18 eye sparklers with almonds

These are the smallest eye pencil I have ever come across.

Out of all these shades
1 Silver Spark
2.Purple Pataka,
3. Blue Blast
4. Green Grenade
5.Grey gun powder (This was not available)

Price of Elle 18 eye sparklers is Rs 85 for 1.5 gm You can see the swatches of ell 18 eyeliners here

I personally got purple pataka as I don’t have this kind of colour with me.Eyeliner is quiet smooth and moisturizing but it is not pigmented.Even if I apply I apply it after using a eye primer it doesn’t show much on me.


If you like thick eyeliners on you self then you may like it but for those who are fond of thin lines may not prefer it much.

Swatches of Elle 18 sparklers (Looks pigmented but doesn’t show much on my eyes)


I think it will look better if I use it as an eye shadow then an eyeliner.This is how it looks on my eyes.



Likes :-Eyeliner – Elle 18 eye sparklers:-

1. I liked the price of the eyeliner and their color range as well.
2. I like it more as an eyeshadow rather than eyeliner.
3. It is quiet creamy .

Dislike :-Eyeliner – Elle 18 eye sparklers:-

1. It doesn’t stay long on my eyes.
2. Not very pigmented.
3. It just doesn’t show on my lower lash line and sting too.
4. Even if I use it  as an eye shadow it crease and crease.

Recommendations– I won’t recommend this to those who are into Maybelline, Bourois , Lakme or revlon eyeliner.I don’t think they will like it.

Will I re – purchase – No, I am not going to re-purchase it.

Wise She Rating – 2.5/5



  1. might work for you Bhumika..but it hardly shows on me and fades away soon ..:( and i know u r a fan of bourjois eyeliner so this is certainly not yours according to me..

  2. I use maybelline and revlon and the similar but after looking at the colors and that this can be used as an eyeshadow I will give it a try. Thanks for the information! I have been looking all over for an Indian makeup blog, finally I have found one.. and honestly, It is the most amazing one!!!
    Keep up the good work and stay in touch!

  3. hey..im from allahabad and im new to this place, my native is chennai actually.i dono where to buy elle 18 products from..pleeeeeeeeease help

  4. i purchased ell 18 eye spakerls and i wore blue on my whole eye as a line and ofcourse as a kajal, where in i was wearing a bule color on that day, And it worked on eye’s very nicly, its moistured, it did ‘nt spread out of my eye, Price is resonable, to be honest it goes with those who dont want to shellout most on expensive products, ( LIKE ME) LOL! Seriously! guys, try it out, But dont go on my words, it worked on me very nicely and i got many compliments, and i was very happy. So now it depends on each Indivdual person. To be Honest i dont like to shellout on expensive products, in market there are N number of products and sometimes cheap and Best products works. Trust me!


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