Eyeliner For Waterline Suggestions


Drishti asks,


I have recently started wearing contacts lenses and I am scared to use any eyeliner on waterline.Suggest some eyeliner which is waterline safe and can be worn with contact lenses please.


Best eyeliner for waterline



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  1. hi Drishti.
    I have used revlon eye pencil when I was using contacts two years back.
    it was a real black colour and smudge proof to some extent.
    but I dont remeber its name
    I can go home and check it and let u know if u r interested !!
    by the way there was another eye pencil (dont know whether it is still there ) but it stings so badly.

    currently I use lakme absolute khol which doesnt irritate my eyes at all (my eyes are too sensitive) only kajal which doesnt sting my eyes is faces (thanks to mitra for recommending it)

    by the way am once again slowly moving back to contact lenses.
    so am also eagery awaiting for the responses !!

  2. Mitha 🙂 welcome dearie 🙂

    Waterline safe eyeliner? you mean a liquid liner? or kajal?

    Try Lotus Opulence Eyeliner..thats supposed to be herbal and all…and i tried in on mine it dint sting either..so i’m guessing it should be good…IMO

  3. Hey Drishti,
    try maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner. it will solve ur both purposes of kajal n liner. i think this is d best eyeliner i hv ever come across. it doesn’t smudge at all and also doesnt sting. u can surly go for it

  4. hi Drishti, i’m using contacts for past 5years, all i use is a liquid liner( water proof or water resistant) bcoz once they get dried and set you will never find any problem.

    another suggestion is ” line wher ur lashes starts, on the outer rim”

    hope this helps!!

  5. the only thing that works on my water line is mac blacktrack gel liner……and i wear contact lenses and have very sensitive eyes………..

  6. hey,m avid reader of wise.such a wndrful bolg mus sy. .i wear lens.maybelne gel liner s nt safe 4 wtarlne.i hve exp it myslf..d color gets into d lens n it sticks 2 it. .so 4 me,its deborah milano 24ore eyelnr pencl.


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