Eyeliner Stencil India & How to Use It


Eyeliner Stencil India & How to Use It

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Today I am going to talk about my recent purchase from Ali Express. I actually purchase a lot of stuff from Ali Express which is known for its cheap products which are made in China, an enough reason for someone to risk purchasing these. A lot of products that I purchased have been a hit with me on the basis of their worth compared to their prices. While there also have been times when I actually threw the products without even sparing a second look at them. It is because you do not mind throwing them because they are so cheap.I thought to have a series on hit and miss products that I purchase from Ali Express. May be that helps every one of us to be a little smarter and buy only the hits eventually.

Today, I am bringing to you the review of an eye stencil pack, which I recently bought. It is for beginners to help them get the perfect eye shadow and eye liner. It has the winged eye liner stencil.

stencil how to use

How to Use Eyeliner Stencil

Recently I bought an eye liner stencil which is for beginners to get the perfect winged eye liner or low liner lash line or a smoky eye stencil. There is also a cat eye liner and a top eye liner. The price of this pack is US $ 1. See, you can just imagine how incredibly low these products are. These in fact are delivered within 1 month which you do not mind because these are so dirt cheap!

So, I got this stencil delivered lately and the pack has two stencils. First stencil is smoky eye and bottom eye liner and the second one is

Eyeliner stencil review

You need to watch my video to know if this eyeliner stencil actually works or not 🙂


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