Eyeliner Tricks For Small Eyes – Suggestions


Rupa asks

What are the eyeliner tricks which can make small eyes look larger?Is there a way I can find out about my eye shape?





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  1. ok few tips which i remember right now..

    1.)Apple beige/white colour eyeshadow or eyeliner near your tear duct area..it pops up the eyes.

    2) Don’t line your waterline instead use a beige/white eyeliner..it will open up the eyes .

    3.) Always draw thin line on upper lashline..

    4.Learn the art of tight lining and use white /beige eyeliner on your water line.Apply high lighter on brow bone..

  2. Well, some things that help me:
    1. Extend the upper lid – eyeliner a couple of mm beyond your eye.
    2. Apply a light grey or brown eye pencil to your lower lash line but not on your waterline.
    3. Don’t take the lower lashline colour all the the way to the inner eye – just take it 3/4th of the way

    Hope this helps!


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