Eyeshadow Base/Eye Shadow Primer Suggestions (Drugstore)


Monica asks,

Hi, I have only heard of UD primer or MAC primer but I am looking for some drugstore primer initially.Please suggest few eye primers which have worked for you.


Best Eye Primer In India

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  1. Try NYX – their eyeshadow base costs 500 something, or else Inglot also retails one for some 400 – 500 bucks.

    You could also simply use any oil-free matt liquid foundation as well. Just apply and blend well, this works particularly well when using powder based eye shadows.

  2. NYX one is good.. I am using that right now.. thrs one other from bhcosmetics.. heard it is good as well.. i have used bcosmetics face primer n I absolutely love it 🙂

  3. i have a Faces eye primer but this came with their eye kit..I dont use it much but that’s one of the few primers I know..maybe you can check if its available individually as well..

  4. Hi Monica… I would suggest you invest in a good primer. You can go budget with your eyeshadows & other stuff. I believe if the base is right more than half the thing is done. I know MAC’s PP & UDPP are expensive but it’s definitely worth it. 🙂


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