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Hi beauties 🙂

Today I am going to write a post about which colors pop up your eyes, this is what me and Ana discussed, and I agreed to her that all the wiseshe beauties should know which colors would suit them best, because not everyone can wear the colors that we try do in out tutorials. But anyways, this post is for people having Black eyes, like jet black like mine 😛 , and I’m a daredevil when it comes to eye shadows, and I like experimenting with different colors.

For e.g. I always hated yellow color, I hate it now too, I never had any yellow dress or anything that had yellow’s tints and hues, but it was only last year when I used something yellow, yes I used a yellow eyeshadow 😛 and surprisingly it turned out good :D  So let’s see which colors would suit you if you have black eye.

Eyeshadow For Black Eyes – Yellow

Rihanna’s-Who’s-That-Girl-Inspired-Tutorial-Cut-Crease-+Rihana inspired eye makeup tutorial

Yes!  the yellow color pops up the black eyes, I never thought yellow is wearable (in case of clothes or accessories or whatever) although my delusion was cleared when I actually tried a yellow e/s from the wales palette.

Tip :- Try placing yellow e/s in the center of the lid if you’re not comfortable placing it all over the lid. Just a tinge of the color in the center will pop up your eye.

Check tutorials we did using yellow here, here and here

Yellow Eyeshadow Recommendations:-

Eyeshaow For Black Eyes – Green 

winged-eye-makeup-tutorial-eye-makeup+eyeshadow for black eyes

Green is one of the best color for black eyes, it not only diversifies the depth of the black eyes ( 😛 do I sound like a shayar ?? ) no, but yes any green color (forest green, lime green, teal green etc) will suit black eyes. The green can be used in such a versatile way that others can go green in envy 😉

Tip :- A green smokey eye makeup with either black/brown e/s to blend, will make you’re eyes more expressive.

Check tutorials we did using green here, here, here, here, here.

Green Eyeshadow Recommendations:-

Check out 5 beautiful green eyeshadows here

Eyeshadow For Black Eyes  – BLUE!

Ocean-blue-eye-makeup-look-+eyeshadow for black eyes blue

Ocean eyes eye makeup tutorial 

Blue is one of the best color, not only I love it in my dresses and other stuff, but it works great for my eyes too. Blue is one of the versatile colors, which works well for almost all eye colors.

Tip :- Use bright blue’s, dark blue’s and turquoise to accentuate your eyes, colors like cornflower blue and similar dull blue’s would make your eye makeup look ashy and would act opposite to what purpose you’re working.

Check tutorial we did using blue here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Pheww.. the list is long, and we definitely love Blue eyeshadows a lot !! 😀

Blue Eyeshadows Recommedations:-

Faces I-Shine Eye Shadow Quartet Blue 2 

Revlon Smokey Sexy Custom Eyeshadow & Liner Duo  

MAC Electric Eel Eyeshadow.Also check out MAC MAC Freshwater, Prussian eyeshadow

Revlon Neptune Star Diamond Lust Eyeshadow 

Eyeshadow For Black Eyes – Purple

 Peacock inspired eye makeup tutorial+eye makeup ideas for black eyes

Check out above tutorial here

 Now purple is one the most favorite color all girls like, and we too love purple not because it does anything special to our eyes, but its just that we love purple 😀 😀 :rose: :heart: , and our love for this color makes it soo special ! 😀 Any purple, be it lilac, mauve, eggplant, aubergine makes us drool and we just love it to the core, infact my whole room is purple, my curtains are purple, the main wall is purple, while the rest walls are kept muted, and my bed sheets are all in sync with the purple 😀 how purple-ish I am lol 😀

Tip :- A dark eggplant purple combined with a light silver or lilac shade would look best as the silver/lilac will highlight the inner corners and the purple on the rest of the lid would harmonize the whole look without going over the board.

Check  tutorials we did using the purple here, here, here.

Purple Eyeshadow Recommedations:-

Inglot AMC Eyeshadow 72

MAC Grape Pigment 

L’oreal Paris Infalliable 24 HR Eyeshadow - Purple Obsession Eyeshadow

MAC Marvel Eyeshadow

MAC Vibrant Grape Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Inglot Matte 37

Eyeshadow For Black Eyes – Gold+Brown+Bronze :-

rihana inspired eye makeup tutorial+coloured contact lenses

Okay there’s a reason why I + the three colors, because on the basis of my experience I’ve realized that the brown/bronze colors don’t go well if worn alone. Like using a brown eyeshadow alone, makes the eyes too dull and on top if not done properly you might look sick or the eyes might look muddy. So brown and bronze are definitely not the colors that can be worn alone for atleast black eyes.

Tip :- Use brown to blend most of your eyemakeup, if you want to use brown alone combine it with a classic brown smokey eyemakeup with black on corners to add depth, brown properly blended on the lid, and a li’l highlighter in inner corners.

Check tutorials we did using gold,brown and bronze here, here, here, here

Gold +Brown+Bronze Eyesha

dow Recommendations:-

Chambor Geneve Dazzling Sphinix 29 eye shadows

Faces Eyeshadow Sun Glow

Maybelline Diamond Glow By Eyestudio Copper Brown palette 

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo Mayhem 

Colorbar Shimmer Brick 

MAC Sumptious Olive Eyeshadow & Inglot Pearl 433 – Golden Khaki 

MAC Espresso Eyeshadow & five ways to use it (Brown)

 Eyeshadows To Avoid – Black Eyes:-

  • Pink!! Though we love pink color, but pink I believe can’t be worn alone (the reason might be because I have a lot of pinkness  redness around my eyes, and I can’t just wear a pink shadow) , it works best if paired with some other color. So if you have a pink lids, don’t try to wear a pink shadow alone, as it might make you sick or look like you’ve cried a lot (atleast that’s how I look like 🙄 )
  • Orange!! Yes, orange eyeshadow is another color, that won’t suit black eyes on its own, also if you have dark lids, it won’t show up as it’s supposed to look like. Needs to be paired with a few other colors, so if you’re not good at blending then try to avoid this color.

With the conclusion, I must say that there are a lot other colors that suit black eyes, but these are the best colors and any other specific color you want to add, then please share your thoughts. And of course how can we forget the classic black color?? Black eyeshadow itself compliments the black eyes a lot, it can be used to add depth around the eyes, line eyes for a soft winged look, or even used to set the kohl.

Hope this post helped you 🙂 Please drop in your comments to share the color you believe works best for black eyes!!

Godbless ! :-*

P.S:- I have jet black eyes, and this list is based on my personal experience.

Whats’ your favoruite Eyeshadow For Black Eyes?

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  1. All the looks areeeeeeeeeeee Supaaaaaaahhh sexyyy …Uppsi!!!

    n i did something like ur green eyes make up the second eye look …today!!! 😉 😛

    I love colors toooooooooo will try all of this..One by one! U the BEST !tap-dance: :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: :rose: :rose:

    • thnku ric :beauty: :lashes: u have hazel brown eys na ?? ?:-) mast pls start xploring ur palette nw :yippee: koi e/s kaam k nahi honge toh pls depot them and send :rotfl:

          • No wayyyyyyyyyyy…Upsi!! ek bhi nai milegaa..mere paas toh abhi abhi build up ho raha hai make up.. mere baas toh 2 box bharke bhi make up nai..n m gonaa experiment the eye make up with all possible shadess! 😉 😀 :yes: :rock-n-roll: :tap-dance: :lipstick:

        • UPSI..yes i have hazel brown eyes..near to black..dark brown typess!!!

          n A.. i want to.. but 2 prob hai!

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            • Areeee yaha bhi…supaaah garmi hai yaar!!!

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  2. Awesome post dear! You have done total justice to the yellow shadow, you made it really soo wearable! I think we can pair it up with orange shadow too na like amc 61? Other looks are gr8 too! :yes: :wilt: :chic: :inlove:

  3. Hi,

    Wow u have applied the eyeshadow so well. can u tell me wat foundation/powder ur wearing with the red dress? Ur skin looks so flawless.

  4. :beauty: :beauty: Awesome Post Upasana.

    Yellow looks super Sexy but i loved the Greeeen 😀 😀
    Although I am new to makeup but since i have black eyes woud love to try them sometime 😛 😛

  5. choooperrrrrrrrr doooperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr upshiiiiiiiiiiiiii…. :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  6. Awesome as alwaysss Upsi :hug-makeup: I still cant get over the rihanna look (brown/bronze) u duplicated. It is the epitome of perfection!!! :yes: :-*


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