Eyetex Dazzler Extreme Length And Curl Mascara Review


 Eyetex Dazzler Extreme Length And Curl Mascara


Hello beautiful girls. Today I am gonna review my most favourite mascara till date. Eyetex is not an alien brand for us. Every woman out there literally started their baby steps into makeup with eyetex kajal. Now I am reviewing dazzler mascara, a product of eyetex.


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After my disappointment with lakme eyeconic, I was running out of mascara and when I saw this, I thought it was worth a try.

  • Price: Rs 125/- shade for 9 grams.
  • Packaging: it comes in a complete black case plastic, looks very sleek and shiny with gold detailing in the ends. The packaging is quite good and very travel friendly. It didn’t crack once even though I would have dropped it a minimum 50 times already.


Eyetex Dazzler Extreme Length And Curl Mascara Review Package+best mascara


  • Product: its jet black in colour. Even a single coat gives really good black colour. I am really satisfied with the pigmentation in this one. The bristles of the wand are good and help in separating my lashes. The wand is too long and it’s a bit fat so inner most corner will have smudges of this if you try too much.
  • Fragrance: faint fragrance like usual eyeliners.  It’s not bothersome.


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Working: I was disappointed with lakme one. Why? It clumped like hell, didn’t give any volume and mashed my lashes together. I have lot of lashes, courtesy of my home made lash serum, which I literally have to separate every time. I like something that will individually give them a coat and hold them in place. Except for providing a slight curl, lakme one did nothing for me.

But this did not disappoint me.


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Coming to this one

Claims:  eyetex dazzler mascara gives you water resistant, thicker, softer, separated lashes without clumps or flakes.

Key ingredients: aqua, hydrated magnesium aluminium silicate, copernicia cerifera wax.

In EOTD: I am wearing rose gold and matte brown eye shadow with a single coat of mascara and Elle 18 black out liner on lash line. Lower lash line is lined half with black eye pencil and smudged with matte golden eye shadow in the inner half.


Eyetex Dazzler Extreme Length And Curl Mascara Review EOOTD+mascara reviews


Lakme radiance compact for priming.

What I like about Eyetex Dazzler Extreme Length And Curl Mascara:

  • It made my lashes separate and black
  • It gave volume and length
  • No clumps.
  • Single coat was enough for good volume
  • Very slight curl. Mine are already curled a bit so I think it does not do much.
  • It says water resistant which is true. I accidentally splashed water once and I could not see any black tears down my face 🙂
  • Dries very easily

What I don’t like about Eyetex Dazzler Extreme Length And Curl Mascara:

  • I think it should have more curling effect and water proof.
  • It is very difficult since the wand is quite wide so you may end up messing your eye makeup a bit if you are in a hurry
  • The innermost lashes cannot be helped with this one.

Rating: 4/5

Final Thoughts: it’s a must for beginners and I personally prefer this over lakme at least.


Have you tried Eyetex Dazzler Extreme Length And Curl Mascara?


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  1. Very nice review… you have convinced me to buy this. Even I have lots of lashes so I need something which doesn’t clump them together.

  2. i didnt do a post any where but….

    i just stored equal amounts of olive oil and purest castor oil ( purest means purest straight out of the mill ) , heat them a bit to blend them well, use a dry mascara wand to apply it every night from root to tip. if i don’t apply on lashes, i simply massage it on my entire eye lid and dark circles focusing a bit n lashes 🙂 works either way 😀

    now the gaps between my lashes are completely filled, my lashes start at the innermost point of my eyelid to my farthest point 🙂 they touch my brows now:)


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