Fab Bag April 2015


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Fab Bag April 2015

Hello my favorite people!

I received my Fab bag last to last week, I was out of station, and thus couldn’t update you all.

Fab Bag April 2015

 And now as I am home, finally it’s time to tear open the package and get inside the bag..!!

Contents of The Fab Bag April-

I’ll start with the bag/pouch the products came in, because thats what I liked the most. The month’s theme is ‘9 to 9‘and they sent the products in a black & white zebra printed pouch and I quite like it. Very stylish. You can use it as your makeup essential pouch or even carry it on your informal outings. Fab bag to make you look fab.

Fab Bag April 2015 (2)

I got total of four products in my bag. Along with the product samples I also received two product information cards and a Fabpost for April 2015, which contains some more product details and beauty tips and secrets of celebrities.


They were bubble wrapped, but one product came broken.

Now let us see what I got in my bag…

Fab Bag April 2015  products2

Malavara Shower Gel and Body Lotion Duo in Lime Vetiver-

Malavara Shower Gel and Body Lotion Duo in Lime Vetiver 

Sample sizes. Priced at Rs. 300/- and – Rs. 390/- respectively for 60ml bottles.

The first thing I noticed about this set is the super summery citrusy fragrance. Enlivening. For your information, Malavara is a contemporary luxury body care brand that is inspired by and also expresses the majestic beauty of India.

Iraya Anti-acne gel-

 Iraya Anti-acne gel 

Rs 325 for 50 gm. The gel comes in a matte glass jar.

I have read positive reviews on this product, and can’t wait to try. Generally I don’t get pimples, but 2015 summer is special, it has already started gifting me pimples.

Professional Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening and repair shampoo-

Professional Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening and repair shampoo

Sample size. Rs 1400 for 250ml.

A 3.8 rated product in makeupalley. The company claims, “Essential cleansing to strengthen any look. Any time. Comes to hair’s rescue guarding from stress. Color safe.” Yes, my hair is perpetually stressed, so lets see if the shampoo can de-stresses them.

City Color Blush Quad – Bronze

City Color Blush Quad - Bronze

A full sized product of Rs. 500.

I was looking for a matte brown bronzer since months and I guess my search ends here. It seems to be perfect for contouring. The blush came broken. I have to fix it now. They should pay more attention to packaging.

Overall thoughts-

I am not exactly a fan of subscription boxes and bags like this, but this time I am pretty much excited to try the products I received. You have to wait for the reviews to see if these products are worth buying or not.

Which product are you planning to buy?

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  1. This bag looks lovely. It’s always important to match your bags with your clothes, but it is also important to make sure they could easily carry your cosmetics for the journey!


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