Fab India Aloe & Cucumber Gel Face Pack Review


By Ashu,

product claims:It gives a cooling and soothing effect. Keeps skin healthy and protects it from environmental damages.
Quantity: 100 ml

Fab India aloe & cucumber gel based pack review


  • Price: 225/-
  • Ingredients: aloevera and cucumber extracts and glycerin
  • How to use the aloe pack– Apply the pack for 10 mins. Rinse with cold water

Fab India aloe & cucumber face pack ingredients

My experience with Fab India Aloe & Cucumber Gel Face Pack

I got this pack as Aloevera and cucumber soothe the skin in summers and I can easily say that I am thoroughly disappointed. It does nothing to my skin except severe burning sensation

What I liked about Fab India Face Pack Aloe & Cucumber

  • It Easily spreads on to my face
  • Consistency is Mild and has a fresh smell
  • It Contains the goodness of aloevera and cucumber
  • A thin film is sufficient as it starts to run when applied thickly so the price is reasonable.

Fab India face pack aloevera +aloe skin products


What I did not like about Fab India Aloe & Cucumber Gel Face Pack

  • It comes in a tub which can easily break and its unhygienic too as one has to dip in their fingers to take out the gel pack
  • It Contains parabens
  • Worst thing is it burns like hell
  • I see no improvement in my skin whatsoever.
  • As the product says that it makes the skin healthy and protects from environmental damages I applied it after sun exposure of three four hours but I couldn’t see or experience any difference 🙁


  • Will I recommend it to others – For me, those were the worst 225 bucks spent and I can only warn you guys to stay away from it or try it on your own risk 😛
  • Rating – 1/5


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    • Divya.. i have used fab india continiously for an year.i find them pretty ok and a decently priced brands
      few products which i like are
      fab india vitamin e cream
      fab india foot cream(avocado)
      ofcourse fab india aloevera shampoo..their soaps are not bad also..for scrubs they r of gel consistency which can be use every day but they wont be a great exfoliator.

      even their coral pack is good and rose water toner :dazed:

      by the way that day u asked me some thing in the mail and i was not well that time..would u like me to initiate on that ?

  1. aila, thank Goodness i didnt buy it, i was way too tempted for it….Hey try the fab india avacodo shampoo its way better than aloe vera shamppoo, also coral glow pack discontinued :pissedoff:

    • OMG !!! yES YES !! I was searching for the coral glow face pack and it was not there 🙁 and i have tried the avocado body wash ..it was pretty okiesh so didnt go for the shampoo.. will go for it next tome :dance::dance:

  2. Bad that this dint work for you Anshu. :no:

    I used this gel pack coupl of months ago and i liked it so much that i used and finished it in 2 months..hehe..

    Its suited my skin quite well. It gives a glow and a cool and calm feeling after i use it. But yeah everyone’s skin is different na. I think oilies like me will like it. :dance-leftright:

  3. Hey Gals.. Even I was tempted to by this pack but good god saved me.. but I got Fab India’s Haldi chandan mud face pack and even that one gave the same effect has the above.. it gives a horrible burning sensation and no good happens to the skin accept dryness 🙁 🙁

  4. Fab India has never disappointed me yet. I started using their avocado shampoo and it works great for my dry hair.

    I also tried their neem facepack which turned out great for me. Next I am going to get their undereye aloe cream. Lets hope it doesnt disappoint me!

  5. Yeah, I tried their Papaya face mask and it burned my face kinda sensation in just one application. After that I stay away from their so called face pack line. Though I am liking their Vitamin E 30SPF Face Cream.

  6. You know, I bought this product too some time back and now it is just lying in my bathroom. While it did not give me any buring sensation, but it did not do anything good either. I mean it seems like I have put thick gel-like-consistency ka water on my face and washed it off – does not give me glow/cleansing/tan removal – nothing-zero-zilch. Only the pale green colour is very pretty !

    • i thin we have discovered almost all the good stuff of fab india..now when ever i visit them i don find something interesting Rupa

  7. Try Inatur Oil Control Face pack. Every time I use it I wonder why I bother buying anything else. Even though I like Avon Fairness Face Wash & Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Foam. :-))

  8. Oh! this is a surprise…i though tthis wud be the perfect solution to the crappy sultry summers…thanks for the warning..will steer clear from this.. 🙂


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