FAB INDIA Aloe Vera Moisturising Lotion for Oily Skin product review

FAB INDIA is one of my favorite places when it comes to buying quality products. I came to know about Fab India through one of my colleague. I am a person with most sensitive skin and as I told you in my previous review also that I like to use products with minimal chemicals because sometimes even the most natural product may be allergic to you ,so I found Fab India perfect for me as they have natural ingredients with light chemicals which will not harm your skin. In my future review of products also you will find lots of Fab India products.
What product claims- A light Rehydrating and balancing lotion for oily skin that gets easily absorbed and controls shine.
Ingredients- Water, Glycerine, vitamin E, Aloe Vera Extract, Gum Xanthan.
Direction for use Apply daily after cleaning for healthy and clear skin.
Price Rs. 175.00 for 200ml.
My experience with the product-
Due to sensitive skin every product doesn’t suit me and leads to acne problem so I select products for my skin very carefully. This time I was desperately looking for a moisturizing lotion which is very very light in texture and gets absorbed in the skin instantly giving it a shine free look.
We all know that aloe vera does wonders for skin and this was the main reason I chose this product and this is especially for oily skin.When I first applied this product i saw that the quantity required was very less as small amount spreads on whole lot of skin and after applying it instantly got absorbed into the skin giving it a shine free look and it felt so light that I thought I haven’t applied anything and my skin was breathing and the same time re hydrated and moisturized too, my skin felt good. I continued using it. But I had fear in my mind that hope after few days it doesn’t reacts and my skin  gets acne but thank god none of this happened and I continued using the product.
 The best part I like about Fab India as a whole is that all the products have maximum expiry date of 1 year that means less preservatives and more natural because it is said that moisturizing lotions and creams should not be used for a long time.
The Lotion comes in a pump bottle which makes me like it more as it quiet easy to use and carry too.
Price of the product is pretty satisfactory too and I liked the smell of the lotion too.I am super sensitive when it comes to smells of the product and this one didn’t give any headache to me.
Cons of the product-Well, seriously I didn’t found anything negative point about this product at all.
Worth a Buy-Yes it is absolutely a worth and I am going to but another bottle as I am already over with this one.I think the product will suit the best for those who have oily and super sensitive skin and are looking for a moisturizer which has least chemicals.


  1. I am a big fan of their products too Sovina..especially their toner and moisturizing lotion..even soaps too and i guess list goes on..:D

  2. Dear Anamika,I have an oily skin and whenever I go out my face becomes sticky and oily.Its not always possible to wash my face while traveling and wet tissues also don't help.Can you suggest some spray which I can carry and will make me feel fresh. I am not getting any in market :(.Thanks for your help in advance.regardsShiva

  3. hiii shiva…. same problem is with my skin… n i too suffer from oiliness and stickiness in my skin… first toh i would like to suggest you to use a gel based moisturiser or any light moisturising lotion which is very light and gives u a matte look…. even try sunscreen which are meant for oily skin and gives matte look…. and u can always carry a spray bottle of rose water wid u which instantly cleans, refreshes, tones and gives u a healthy glow skin… u can use rose water anytime anywhere without any hassle…. i hope this answers ur query…thanx

  4. i have a oily and very acne prone skin from many years,,nothing helps….plz tell me what shud i try n buy at fab india to make my skin luk good?m just 21

  5. Hi Malvi,Please visit a dermatologist right away. Once you get your clear skin back then you can try cosmetic preperations from the commercial brands.

  6. Hello Anamika,
    Myself Ramya. i too have oily skin and acne problem.. i too tried many products. but none of them worked for my skin and right now, i am using Lacto Calamine which is comparatively ok…
    but my problem is, i cant apply any moisturizer even during winter season!!!!
    in winter season, my skin will become completely, completely completely dry… but still, if i apply moisturizer, my skin will become very oily, and within 2-3 days, i will get pimples again!!!!
    i read ur review about ‘Fab India Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion for Oily Skin’. even i want to give a try once… hope it will work…
    Thanks for sharing information.

  7. Hello Anamika…

    This is Lakshmi… In the first place, i liked your site and i keep following them almost everyday!! Thanks for all of your product reviews… I have a very dry skin after my delivery .. suggest me some good moisturizer and facewash… I read your review on the fab india products hence planning to buy them … I have started having a severe hairfall too … Any suggestions for the same?


  8. this is a great site and thanks everyone for the wonderful tips. can somebody suggest a good toner for oily acne prone sensitive skin. anamika what do u use considering we have the same type of skin? how’s the seaweed toner or aloe toner from body shop?


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