Fab India Avocado Body Butter Review


Body Butters – Term body butter always reminds me of Body Shop body butters and when I saw body butters in  one of my loved brand Fab India I instantly had smile on my face 😀

I first  saw Fab India body butters  last year in summers but because of my  oily skin and  hot and humid weather of Delhi I stopped myself from picking it up.Though SA assured me of its suitability in summers also 😛 but still I didn’t fell  into her trap 😀

This time I picked Fab India Avocado body butter in dreadfull winters of Delhi and have been using it every now and then on my skin.

Fab India Avocado Body Butter Review
Fab India Avocado Body Butter
Price Of Fab India Avocado Body Butter Is Rs 175 for 100ml and expiry date is Feb12 .

What the product claims -The emollient properties of this hydrating blend of oils and shea butter leaves the skin healthy and supple.

Key Ingredients:-Water, Avocado Butter, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Sodium Lactate, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Niacinamide, Beeswax, Glycerin, Shea Butter.

Fab India Avocado Body Butter
Fab India Body Butter

Direction for use – Apply liberally and massage gently onto the skin as often as required.

Moisturisation – When I was using it in January month when temperature here was around 10 degree ,  it worked  pretty well.Kept my skin moisturized without making me feeling greasy or heavy.My skin absorbed it nicely and body butter glided on my skin with in minutes but now it has started giving me slight greasiness .I still use it on my legs  because my skin still require little moisturisation on those parts.

To show you guys I applied pea size body butter on my wrist.

Fab India Body Butter swatches
Fab India Body Butter Avocado

You can see slight greasiness after blending the body butter.

Fab India Avocado Body Butter
Body butter body shop

Price  And Quantity – If one use it every day on whole body then it wont last more than 20 -25 days .

Fragrance – It has mild avocado fragrance which vanishes away with in minutes so those who are looking for fragrance free body butters can try this one.

Packaging – Body butters always come in tub size  packaging and I am kind of use to of them now so no complaints regarding that  but most of the fab India products come in tub size packaging  which makes them difficult to carry while one is traveling.

Recommendation – If you have oily skin then it might work for you in spring season or early winters too.

*Dry skin can use it in summers or spring but it won’t be super moisturizing  the way you expect from the body butter.

Wise She Rating – :yes: :yes: :yes: +.5

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  1. hmm… sounds nice. i nereby, declare you the “Fan no. 1” of Fab India. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
    after seeing you going gaga over fab india products, i want to use them too… but its too far for me and i never go to that side even for shopping…. 😕 😕

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