Fab India Lavender Face Pack Review


Face Pack – Lavender Face Pack Reviews

Product claims: Enriched with soothing and calming lavender oil, this face pack helps remove excess oil and tighten pores, giving your skin a healthy glow.



  •  Size:    100 gram
  • Price:  Rs.  275/-






  • Glycerin: A boon for skin as we all know.
  • Lavender flowers: Good for normal and dry skin, Lavender is used as a tonic for all types of skin.
  • Lavender oil: It tones the skin, helps in sorting out a variety of skin problems like acne.
  • Kaolin: It helps draw oils from pores while ridding the skin surface of dead cells and dirt.

LAVENDER FACE PACK for oily skin Fab India

  •  How to use the face pack – Mix a spoonful of face pack with milk for dry skin and curd for oily skin. Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck, avoiding eyes. Leave for 7-8 mins. Wash off with lukewarm water.


My experience with Fab India Lavneder Face Pack 


I have oily skin so I got this in July thinking that it will help in controlling the oil secretion. I had quite high expectations from the product as it’s from Fab India. It turned out to be a disaster for me. The first time, I mixed it in curd. God ….. The smell was awful!!. I thought it must smell wonderfully like lavender but it has this weird, horrible smell. Though in powder form, it smells just normal. Then I applied it on face. Since the moment it touched my face, I felt a very warm sensation all over. It felt like as if I am standing under harsh sun. Still I thought may be its one of those packs which gets warm. After 6 minutes (that was my tolerance limit), I washed it off. To my horror, my whole face was red as if a thin layer of red colour is painted on it.  I was dead scared. My face felt warm to touch as if burned. After few hours, the redness disappeared. I didn’t see any positive effect on my face. Still I used it a couple of times more, mixing it in curd, rose water. But the same result. Then I applied it on my mum and she didn’t get the warm feeling or red face. But no positive effect either.


What I liked about Fab India Lavender Face Pack


  • Fab India products are easily available.
  • Very little amount is needed.
  • The pack doesn’t dry in 7-8 minutes so some people might like it.
  • It has the goodness of lavender.
  • The price is justified as it will last a long time.

FAB INDIA LAVENDER FACE PACK India fab india reviews

What I do not like about Fab India Lavender Face Pack 

  •  The smell is awful.
  • It didn’t suit me at all.
  • The tub packaging is very inconvenient. The wooden lid doesn’t close properly.

Verdict: See for yourself girls. I really cannot advise anybody to get it. Though it did suit my mum but there were no positive effects. And it did horrible things to me.:(

Rating – 2/5


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  1. i am so disappointed with this…i was gona order this next just coz i like the lavender scent…but I have horribly sensi skin..i dont think it cu tolerate an allergy like this!

    Thanx for the review Ash…uv saved me yet again 🙂

  2. omg thnx ashu!! wen i read d title i was pretty intrigued, i thot ill b buying it..but thnk god i read d entire review! looks like the coral glow pk was d best from fab india! Has bn discntinued i heard! 🙁

  3. Oh! Thats a disaster! Good you warned Ashu, I was thinkin of buying some packs from FabIndia!!! And looking at the packaging I would have bot I guess!
    Oh btw for oily skin you can try tea tree pack from Lotus, its really nice!

    • thanks pradynaa. this was one pack from fab india which failed but there are some other packs which are nice . will try the pack from lotus. thanks. 🙂

  4. Hey Ashu… was scared to open the post… dint you want you to tempt me :d 😀 😀
    But good I opened it… I was planning to buy this coz the container thingy is sooooooooooooooo cute 🙂 :)Good I dint!! HAve you tried their Rose Oatmeal wala pack…. heard good reviews abt that one!

  5. No Fabindia for me these days… I tried so many soaps, and other products.. almost all misses and not a single great hit 🙁
    Plus each product has all kind of parabens How can they claim to be natural…. :bangbang:

    • this is what! how can herbal product give such reaction..Fab India is turning out to be just a fad i believe though i do like their oil and all

  6. Seeing Lavender pack, with lot of expectations i started reading this review.Even i thought it’ll be smelling very nice.Seeing the tub pic i thought, since they discontinues coral pack this is a substitute.Thanks god, you saved my money Ash.,If i have seen this in shop sure i would have bought.

  7. ashu,i bought this pack yestrday and applied it..got the same exp….sooo sad tht 1st i bought tht silk masque which did nothing to my face n now this lavender pack..my whole face n neck became red in colour nd tht burning sensation…i will never trust this fab india….


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