Fab India Lemon And Mint Face Pack Review


A month back I visited Fab India and found three or four face packs in their display section.There was Fab India lavender face pack also which looked attractive but the I suddenly remembered Ashu review and bought Fab India Lemon and mint face pack instead.

The moment  I opened the pack there was mint fragrance all around and reminded me of  “Polo-mint with a hole”  which I use to have years ago 🙂

Fab India lemon and mint face pack review+herbal products

About Fab India Lemon And Mint Face Pack

Enriched with natural astringent lemon oil and cooling mint oil, this face pack uses fuller’s earth as base and helps cleanse , lightens and soothe the skin.Especially recommended for oily skin.

Fab India face pack reviews+beauty secrets from india


Fuller’s earth, Olive oil, Turmeric powder, Oatleam powder, Lemon oil, Peppermin oil, Glycerine, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Imid Urea.

  • How to apply Face Pack  Mix a spoonful of face pack with Rose water or plain water.Apply on face, neck and arms in upward direction.Leave on for 7-8 minutes.Wash off with lukewarm water.
  • Packaging – Pack comes in a round china clay pot with a flat  black colour wooden cover which looks attractive but I am  hating its packaging because it’s just not travel friendly.Although face pack ingredients are packed in a zip pouch but it still  created lot of mess.It also comes with a small wooden spoon .Fab India basically tries to give its face pack traditional look which is kind of interesting but not travel friendly 🙁
  • Price – INR 275

Fab India lemon and mint face pack ingredients+mud facial mask

My Experience with Fab India Lemon And Mint Face Pack

When I first used this pack I used around two spoon of it and mixed it in rose water and applied it on my face .To my horror my face started burning and because of the presence of mint in it my tears were rolling out of my eyes without any emotion ::D:D.Face pack thankfully got dried fast with in 7-8  minutes and when I washed my face I did see a bit  of  tan being removed off from my face.

Skin lightening face pack+natural fairness tips

Next time I tried the face pack again and this time I guess I used little more quantity than the previous one and I had tough time keeping it on my face.My whole face went red and I had to remove the pack immediately which might be  becuase of the extreme cooling mint sensation which it gave.

Third time I applied a thin layer of the pack and sat under sun for till the pack was on my face  and it worked pretty  fine.The reason I was applying and trying this pack again and again because I did see the pack removing bit of tan on my face and was  controlling oil too.But I must warn you that its not for sensitive skin at all and is best suited for oily or combination to oily skin.As the pack makes one feel extremely icy  therefore using it in summer is a better option rather than in winter where the mint oil might take you in Ice age.

Fab India fairness face pack reviews+lemon and mint face pack reviews

Pack dries fast and has very very strong mint fragrance so if you are not fond of it  then stay away.My husband hates that kind of smell and even after removing the pack he use to get irritated by its fragrance so some of you might detest its smell  big time.

Though pack claims to be good for oily skin I right not have combination dry skin and it didn’t over dry my skin .I did lather up lot of moisturizer after using it but that is expected after one uses fuller earth face pack atleast.

Product live up to it claim of cleanse and lighten the skin and I have started using the pack quite often now. Quantity of the product is decent enough and will last long .Also, skin lightening effects are temporary and will last for few hours and  it wont bring any glow to the face.

What I liked about Fab India Lemon And Mint Face Pack 

  • It removes tan and soften the skin
  • Cleans skin throughly
  • Not very expensive and easily available.
  • Doesn’t dry out my skin
  • Good herbal ingredient (It has Imid Urea as one of its ingredients I Googled it but didn’t get any answer so not sure about it)

What I did not like about Fab India Lemon And Mint Face Pack
  • It has very very strong mint oil fragrance which gives extreme cooling sensation so will suit only in summer
  • Not meant for sensitive skin at all.
  • Not so travel friendly packaging.
  • One has to be careful with its quantity.
Will I recommend it to others -I will recommend it to those who get tanned often , needs good cleansing time to time  and do not have sensitive skin.Do not try it in winter and if you do then sit under the sun until it dries.
Wise She Rating
  • Overall – 3.5/5
  • Effectiveness – 4/5
  • Packaging-3/5
  • Price – 3.5/5
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  1. Not for sensi skin??? Matlab i cant use it??? 😥 😥 😥 😥

    i wana use it to remove tan too!!! The pot looks so cute yaar…but haan wish it wud be more travel friendly.

  2. it looks very traditional and because of the mint oil it gives such extreme icy feeling so i wont suggest ..u can try it on hands though ..might help in removing tan 🙂

    Good morning:)

  3. ‘might take you in Ice Age’ lol…I would love that kinda cooling sensation…and since I don’t have sensi skin, this is right up m alley! Is there any citrusy lemon scent in it?

  4. not very iguess because peppermint oil takes over the lemon oil..but as all the ingredient fuller earth, lemon oil , turmeric and oatmeal helps in removing tan.:)

  5. Thank you for this review Anu !!!
    this doesnt suit me at all ~!!!!
    and I am happy with natures tan clean and lactobleach
    though I have nt tanned

  6. Mint and strong smell- no no!

    I have become very particular about sunscreens and apply twice and then again if I step in sun. This is first time in years that my skin has not tanned.

    Why didnt someone educate me earlier!!!
    All my pictures are patchy. 🙁

      • which sunscreen/block you use?

        But I do think this tanning is a huge problem. Last year I went through so many oxy bleach tubs it became a running joke at home. This year I havent used any!!

        I need to stop talking before my skin decides to tan again. I do have weddings coming up and running around in the sun. Lets see what happens.

        • i use diff ones since my skin tends to get immune if i use the same product…i luv Lotus matte wala sunscreen and currently m using biotique carrot wala for body and lakme sun expert for face 🙂

          which one do u use?

  7. whoa…inspired by the FP reviews i wanted to add this to my cart yday…but then the Vega foot mouse caught my fancy and i dropped this…thank God..wudnt have suited me at all 🙁

  8. me too cannt use dis sensitive skin 😥 d dibbi is so cute.luv deir coral face but i guess dey discontinued it. 🙄 y do dey discontinue gud things ?:-)

  9. I dont think mint does any harm even if its cooling sensation is difficult too handle.

    I use Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser for Oily skin on days when a pimple or two pops up and it reduces the inflammation and cools down my skin while cleansing. 🙂 It is not that good a cleanser as himalaya cleansing milk but if you have pimples if definitely calms them I bought it twice only for that reason.

      • ya zara it is good esp on days when my face itches bz of some pimple 🙁 mint cleanser keeps it cool i use it like normal cleanser just leave it for a minute before removing it with cotton pad. It gives that cooling sensation then cools down. Btw once i had bought their chotu dabba for trial later one i have a bigger dabba 😀

  10. A preservative used in beauty products

    * Please see TIA’s post on Diazolidinyl Urea, a similar chemical compound


    IMIDAZOLIDINYL Urea is an antimocrobial preservative found in beauty products often used to protect them from spoilage caused by yeast, bacteria or mold included in the formulas. It is a formaldehyde releaser and one of the most widely used preservatives in the world, according to the National Cancer Institute.

    Due to its high water solubility, it can be incorporated into almost any beauty product. Although it is often used in conjunction with parabens, it is not a paraben and is FDA approved for use in baby lotion, skin cream, sunscreens, shampoos, eyeliners, blush, perfumes, deodorants, hair dyes, shaving cream, etc.

    Safety Measures/Side Effects:

    Although the mention of formaldehyde scares many consumers away from IMIDAZOLIDINYL Urea, it is considered a safe preservative. Although preservatives are the second most common cause of contact dermatitis, 1.9% of patients with contact dermatitis had a reaction to IMIDAZOLIDINYL in a 1999 study and 3.2% in a 2001 study (National Institutes of Health).

    There are no scientific studies that show that IMIDAZOLIDINYL Urea is toxic or carcinogenic, although some respected doctors still recommend avoiding it only because of its synthetic properties.


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