Fab India Musk exhilarating and uplifting soap review

After trying  Fab India Seabuckthorn soap I bought Musk soap of Fab India. I didn’t know what musk is and therefore googled it this what I came to know.
Musk has been used in perfumes since ancient times, both for its own smell and as an oily base that, when mixed with more volatile scents, slows their evaporation.(www.wikipedia.com)
So I thought this is going to be a spa kind of a  soap for me and I was really excited in trying it out.
Key ingredients of the product are Cocibetaine, Sodium Laurath Sulphate, Sodium Sterate, Glycerine and Musk oil. 

Price– Rs 65 for 125 gm 

My likes-Fab India Musk exhilarating and uplifting soap :-

  • This one is a soft soap and when I apply it I do not feel if I am using soap.
  •  Soap last for long.
  •  Though soap is all about its smell but I didn’t find any great smell in it.
  • It has glycerin in it and yes it does make your skin feel little smooth.
  •  I think this soap will be better suited for sensitive skin .
  • It goes well with my body scrub gloves.

Dislikes-Fab India Musk exhilarating and uplifting soap:-

  • Smell was a disappointment for me as after using the soap for 10-15 days regularly the smell almost died down.


Love it, hate or let go if it
-I will prefer letting it go and will recommend it to my friends who have sensitive skin. They might like it.


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