Fab India orange and cinnamon face and body scrub review

I have a combination oily skin which needs regular exfoliation. When it comes to scrub I generally prefer herbal remedies which you must have read on this site a lot. In my experience homemade scrubs are powerful when compared to market products and therefore no scrub has impressed me much till now. Still I keep trying new products thinking I may come across something exceptional.
Few months back I got fab India orange and cinnamon face and body gel scrub because of its packaging and the ingredients in it .It comes in cute orange small tub which really attracted me.
What it claims-Especially formulated for daily use is made of especially natural active ingredients .It gently exfoliates the skin leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated all day long.
Key Ingredients-Purified water, Allontion, Lactic acid, cinnamon oil, Aloevera extract, glycerin
Price-Rs175 for 100ml
How to use it– Wet your skin up before applying the scrub. Take out a scoop of the scrub and apply it all your body. Massage in circular motion focusing on rough area of the skin. Rinse and clean thoroughly.
My experience-
1. It has fantastic fragrance. Cinnamon and orange aroma will rejuvenate you .I feel like having a shower moment whenever I open its lid.
2. It is not thick and greasy at all. It has light gel like consistency therefore you enjoy using it over and over again.
3. Scrub has light granules which deep cleanse your face thoroughly.
4. It is suitable for all skin kind and won’t break you out at all.
5. Sweet orange fragrance of the scrub last for hours.
6. It doesn’t dry my skin at all.
7. It is quite gentle on my skin and makes me feel as if I am using a face wash.
8. Immediately gives you a soft skin.
9. Pricing of the product is not heavy for my pocket.
10. I can use it daily which you cannot do with other scrubs.
11. Perfect to use in summers
12. It has aloe Vera, cinnamon, glycerin which are one my favorite beauty ingredient especially aloe Vera.
1. If you use one scoop every day it will be finished in one week. I think this is the problem with fab India product they get finished in no time .You can take it as a positive thing also as they are so fab you like using it again and again.
2. I wish it could be in tube form so that I do not have to put my fingers in it again and again.
Worth a buy again-Yes, of course it is truly a worth and is one of the best scrub I have come across till date.
My blogger friend Tanveer too came up with a nice Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub – Review and she was impressed with it a lot.You can check out her post here if  you are looking for a good scrub.
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  1. Hey, Thks for the link love babes :D.. That was so sweet of you. You seem to be a Fab India Fan! But I agree their prdts are quite awesome. They are good quality and actually deliver consistent results 🙂

  2. I am definitely heading out to fab India to buy this , i kinda have oily skin as well , hopefully this should work 🙂

  3. Anamika…I share your love for FabIndia and TBS..Looks like a lot of stuff is pending for me to be bought from FI..Thanks for the review

  4. Even i am over with lot of things of FI..cant resist my self going there but i think will wait for the weekend so that my husband buys for me and not me emptying my purse

  5. I'v noticed many Indian bloggers gaga over FabIndia facial scrubs, that its making me wanna try it too! When my H2O plus scrub finishes then I will surely try this one ^_^


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