Fab India Protein Silk Masque Review


Fab India Protein Silk Masque 

  • Product claims: this mask is made using silk, rich in “sericin”- the purest form of silk protein. Created from the native form of silk, the natural silk proteins are easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it nourished and rejuvenated.
  • Contents:  2 grams x 1 piece
  • Price:  225/-
  • Ingredients:  no list is given

Fab India protein masque reviews+Protein masque

  • Direction for use: Dip into warm water and leave on cleansed face for 15-20 minutes. Reusable up to 3-4 times.


Fab India protein masque ingredients


My experience with Fab India  protein silk  Masque 


I could make it the briefest post in wise she history by giving you guys a one word answer: Nothing. Yes that’s what it did to my skin. I have used it twice with no effect at all. I guess silk is not for me. This was an impulsive buy from Urban Touch.com.

The only pro is that it sticks to the face nicely. I just had to press it time to time. The whole experience comes to it being a total waste of money, that too quite a lot of money.  Now I am going to use it to apply the fabulous green tea mask I saw here.


Fab India protein masque



Fab India protein masque reviews4


Rating – 2/5

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  1. i wanted t buy this so badly…i was just waiting t chk some review on it na…thanx fr this…uv saved my money..and in ur words..alot of money! 😉

      • hiiiiiiiiii Ana 😀 its going amazing 😛 me did Tonnes of cleaning 🙂 infact washing powder made my hand super rough then i had to do home manicure 😛 . You know i also made microwave chocolate peda and it is so simple to make :).

        Anyways now I am doing so many rangolis will do a post on my blog soon and put up all pics 🙂 It feels so happy with festive season around..

  2. Ashu… you have no idea how many beauties would be blessing you right now…. I am one of the ppl who have always eyed it in FAB and wondered whether to buy it or not 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thanks for saving our money…. This Dhanteras may you earn/get loads and loads of money… and happiness 😀

  3. What a waste! I saw this thing in fab India the other day but skipped it, thought I’ll check a review and then buy. This is total waste :bangbang:


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