Fab India Seabuckthorn Soap Review

I generally don’t experiment with soap much but  my friend  was going ga ga over Fab India soaps.She bought a rose soap for herself and I kind of liked its fragrance so thought of buying one for myself as well.
I am quite choosy so thought of going through other varieties of soaps as well. My eyes fell on Seabuckthorn soap which was a soap cum scrub.The idea really impressed me and I picked it up.
One more reason for picking up the soap is the ingredient in it. It has seabuckthorn, also known as the Holy fruit of Himalayas which has 190 biologically active compounds.Seabuckthorn is believed to unlock the body’s ultimate health potential.
I had read so many health and beauty benefits of it that I had to give it a try.

My experience with  Fab India Seabuckthorn Soap:-

1.The fragrance of the soap is pretty nice and I enjoy bathing with it.
2.The most interesting thing was the scrub which I wanted to try it out.This is because if you have a soap with a scrub then you won’t have to make any extra body scrubbing effort on daily basis. So this feature makes it quite worthy of buying.
The scrub behind the soap
3.When I first used the scrub it was quite strong and was harsh on my skin.Therefore  I didnt like using the scrub and  thought of  continuing  with the soap which is at the back side of the scrub.
Soap after 10 days of use
4.After using the soap for three four days the scrub melted down a  bit and I thought of trying it out again.Wow !! this time it was amazing to use.My hands and legs were totally exfoliated with such nice aroma.
Worth a buy-Yes I will  surely buy it.
1.My skin is not that sensitive and therefore I wont recommend the soap to those who have supersensitive skin.
2.If you are always on the  go then there is no need to take pumic stone,scrubs and various other exfoliating things. Just take this along and enjoy it.
3.I will recommend it to those who are in hostel and it is difficult to take each and every thing there with them.
4.Just be careful with the scrub and do not use it on your face.
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  1. I remember once you mentioned that you can take bath with Fi body lotion, guess this is a better option for you. lol!!Looks nice. I am more of a rose fragrance person. :)Loved the review. 🙂

  2. This sounds interesting, will give it a shot. Even I like soaps that have few ingredients for scrubbing. I have tried khadi soaps but never fab India.regardsShiva

  3. Once I just visited fabindia in Guwahati and bought a soap without knowing the name of the soap. But still I cannot forget the fragrance !!! Its like audoi cologn and lasts till next bath. That is why I am crazy about the soap but I donot know the name, I just remember the color of the soap, i.e. green. Anybody can help me ?

  4. I live in the UK and was given a box of Fabindia soaps last year. They are super products but not available in the UK. Has anyone else here (UK) any ideas of how to get some? I like the sound of the cinnamon and orange.


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