Fab India sesame hair oil review

Fab India sesame hair oil review
Two months back I got Fab India sesame hair oil and have been using it regularly  .It is pure sesame oil which is blended with vitamin E, jojoba oil and ginger extract and is meant for all hair types.All these ingredients are so benefitcial for hair that I just couldn’t resist myself and bought it immediately.
Key Ingredients :Sesame oil, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Tocopherol (vitamin E), jojoba oil and ginger extract.
Price Rs :Rs 275 for 200ml


How to use:Apply on scalp and massage it for a while. Leave on for atleast one hour before shampooing.


My experience with Fab India Sesame Hair Oil:-

*I saw my hair turning more black just after massaging with the oil twice.The oil is quite light but the smell of the oil is not that great.It softens the hair beyond belief and I don’t see any hair fall at all.My hair have become quite smooth too .
*The price of the product is little expensive but it has jajoba, sesame, vitamin E and ginger extract in it which makes it worth the money.
*If you use the oil alternate days then 200ml will last for about two months or so.

*I generally use to massage my hair with the oil and then apply vitamin E oil on it but now when both the ingredients come in one bottle It saves lot of time and effort of mine.

*Safe to use by those who have colored hair.


Have you tried Fab India Sesame Hair oil?

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  1. Never tried anything from Fab India, but keep reading great reviews everywhere. My only problem – why don't they put the entire ingredient list instead of just the key ingredients?

  2. Dear Anamika,I just love your hair oil tips. I am gonna give this a try. This is now on my must buy list from India.Thanks for the review.have a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  3. I like the Fabindia body scrub. ( walnut, I think – not sure) . And( sorry to digress from the beauty part) they also make sell some good foodstuff – brownies ( these are available only in Chennai) and a lime pickle. They are good.

  4. I have tried the cinnamon scrub Radha and it is fantastic..Havent tried the soups and pickles from there..will try them out:)Thanks for passing by Radha:)

  5. I got super soft hair with just ONE application !!!!! cant believe it….thankiees Anamika….i will keep using it until my naturally bronze coloured hair turns black..hehehe…

  6. I love this oil Mitra and yes it will give u black hair so for sure..though I have stopped using it now because I dont want my hair to be tooo balck 😀

  7. actually i should use it..my hair are not too black..but nowadays i am using curry leaves and coconut oil..will continue that once it is finished:)Fab INDIA even have almond oil..i will purchase that next time:)

    • Hi Anamika 🙂
      I read both this review and your other review about the coconut oil and curry leaves. Now im totally confused which one to start using.
      My hair is weird, I have this itchy, oily scalp and frizzy dry hair beyond my scalp, which Im guessing is because of the heat styling I subject my hair to! 🙁
      Also, I dont oil my hair regularly, im too lazy and my scalp is greasy so i just run and wash my hair. I use the Biolage hair masque once a month but now i wanna start oiling my hair too So which one do you think I should use? This or the curry leaves one?
      Ooh, one last thing..I feel rinse off conditioners make my hair fall more, so i use leave in conditioners. Do you think I should use a rinse-off one for good results or leave-in is equally good for my untameable frizz?

  8. Curry leave in coconut oil really helps – i have tried at home and hair fall reduced dramatically in the 1st use. But i m worried about the dark spots on my skin for years.

  9. plz suggest some natural oil that i can use throughout my life for anti aging…i am 24…and i tend to have fine lines and crows feet…plz….


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