Fab India skin hydrating cream (Product review)


Hi Guys,
Few days back some of my friends visited my house. During our talks I told them about few products which I am using nowadays .Much to my surprise they were quite interested in knowing about it. We were generally discussing and then an idea popped up into my mind about reviewing about the product which is lying with me.
For skin care I use herbal remedies most of the time but I am very fond of makeup and keep trying out new products. Therefore in future you will be seeing me reviewing products which are either quite handy, herbal or are a must have. Also, my skin is a combination oily skin and I find very few people reviewing about products which are for my kind of skin. This too motivated me to start with beauty product review.

I am reviewing Fab India skin hydrating cream today which was suggested to me by one of my very good friend Vanadana Talwar.
What it claims-An extremely light, moisture whipped cream loaded with age controlling cellular extracts and vitamin E. It nourishes the skin and protect it against moisture loss.
Why I wanted to buy this product-I am 26 now and there I have started looking for products which are more into age controlling. I needed a product which I can apply any number of time and keeps me fresh. Also I was looking for a product which will have vitamin E in it and keeps my skin hydrated.
When to use it– You can use it after applying cleansing and toning your face in the morning. Goes well when you use make up too.
Ingredients:-Contains water, Aloe vera extract, Jajoba oil, Grapeseed Extract, Lactic Acid and Vitamin E Acetate.
Direction for use-You can use this product on your face, hands and body as often as you required, especially after washing.(As per the company)
What I liked about the product:-
1. This product gives me a refreshing and soothing feeling whenever I apply it. Makes me feel rejuvenated all the time.
2. It has mild fragrance which makes me use it again and again.
3. After applying it, gives me a cool sensation which I love in this scorching heat of Noida.
4. It is completely non oily and has light texture
5. It has all natural ingredients.
6. It is first skin hydrating cream which suits my skin.
7. I like the price of the product(Rs 189)
8. My skin is glowing but I don’t know whether it is because of this product or recent application of baking soda remedy on me.
What I disliked about the product
1. Product is meant for oily skin but it suits my combination oily skin completely. I guess it will be little greasy for people who have oily skin.
2. Effect of the product stays for around 5-6 hours therefore I feel like applying it 2-3 times a day. This is my second buy and it has been 15 days and  it is about to finish again. The product ask the user to use it on the body after washing I think if I do that it will end up buying it every alternate days.
3. After applying it gives a shiny appearance for 10-15 minutes.
A buy again?-Yes, I wish I could get a drum of it and keep it in my bathroom. After taking my bath I will dip myself into it for few minutes and feel fresh, rejuvenated and skin hydrated all the time.
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  1. Thanks Palak..The best part is this only.If same skin type people review product then things become quite simple:)

  2. Hehehhehe… LOL Loved the "I will keep a drum full of this"… You must really like this & it sounds like a gr8 cream!Yr review was fab & I loved reading it!! Looking forward to more such reviews

  3. It can also be used as a night cream…also, vitamin e is often mixed with base creams during facials, during winters when the skin tends to get dry!


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