Fab India Tea Tree Toner Vs Lotus Basiltone Toner


By Prerana,

Fab India Tea Tree Toner Vs Lotus Basiltone Toner

My skin is oily and pimple prone. I started using Lotus Basiltone toner 1st because it is especially for skin type combination to oily skin. I didn’t find any cons in it as it came out to be nice but a rather average toner for me and I was quite happy with the product.

Lotus Basiltone Toner
Lotus Basiltone Toner

Then I heard so many WiseShe readers like Mitra, Anamika raving about Fab India Tea Tree toner for oily skin, so I thought to give it a try as well for who knows it might come out to be better for me!!

Fab India Tea Tree Toner
Fab India Tea Tree Toner

So here goes my comparison of the two toners-


Fab India tea Tree skin Toner Lotus Herbal Basiltone 

Clarifying and Balancing toner

Product Claims An alcohol free skin toner with tea tree oil that controls sebum and clears blemishes. 


BasilTone is a blend of Cucumber extracts and Basil Leaf extracts that removes make-up residue, pollution or excess oils. Restores natural pH balance of combination or oily skin. Helps tightens skin pores.
Herbal product Herbal product
Price Rs 125/- for 200 ml Rs 185/- for 100 ml
Ingredients Water, Okra Extract, Neem Leaf Extract, Turmeric Extract, Propylene Glycol, Tea Tree oil and Salicylic Acid Cucumber Extracts, Basil Leaf Extracts
Alcohol content Claims to be alcohol free No claims as such
Suitable for Oily skin Combination skin to Oily skin
Skin feelings after application Skin feels cool-cool, soft and hydrated & oil-free. 

No irritation on skin.

Skin feels hydrated, oil-free but a bit stretchy and sweky tight as well. 

No irritation on skin.

Packaging Comes in a plastic cylindrical bottle with flip open cap Comes in a spray bottle so application is easier.
Fragrance Strong essence of Neem and Tea Tree oil Mild smell of cucumber
Experience with the Toner Tea Tree oil is an ingredient specially for oily skin, it keeps oil away from skin for 2-3 hours and controls acne from occurring but didn’t help in removing blemishes. It also tightens up the skin pores. It doesn’t dry out the skin hence can suit dry skin as well. The best part is, it comes in a spray bottle. No need to cotton, just spray on face and dab.
Broken Promise (for me) Claimed to clear blemishes but didn’t cleared blemishes as such! Claimed to be good for oily skin but skin did become oily after an hour.
Color Actually it was not needed in the comparison but it is a personal choice..  Tea tree toner is light pista green in color. Basiltone is parrot green in color.
My preference 1st preference 2nd preference

What will be my choice

Both the toners are formulated for oily skin (with the addition that Basiltone is for combi skin too) but I feel due to the presence of salicylic acid (which controls acne) in Fab India Tea Tree toner, is more suitable for oily skin in summers. Moreover its price is less with more efficiency and more quality. The “spray” factor of Basiltone attracts me towards it but I may still go for Fab India Tea Tree toner personally.

Which one do you like out of these two toners???

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    • Mitra, its mine comparison not kapil’s :smug: :smug: :smug:

      @Anu, sometimes i feel why only girls needs CTM? why don’t boys needs this regime? and when they don’t cleanse, then why they don’t get pimples 😛

      • Anu i just forced my BF to scrub his face once…i almost blackmailed him “agar tum mujhse pyar karte ho toh yeah face scrub use karo” …..and now he is glued on to the scrub..not out of my fear but simply cos he liked the after effects

      • Prerna nice comparison :yes: :yes:

        And my guy recently had a severe breakout and now he is forced into the CTM routine :rotfl: :rotfl: And now he knows how imp it is! So they need to elarn it the hard way unlike us gals 🙁

        • yup i see most of the man with bad skin ..this is because they don take car eof their skin and my hubby is one of them ..though i m trying to make him learn few things 😀

          God u giving this habit in the beginning it self..atleast he will know what he is getting into 😛

  1. And i seriously feel Fab India has prices which are very decent..and the amount of produt you get is quite a lot na…

  2. such a fab comparison 🙂 i wish i cud get fabindia products here .. infact i had seen a fab india store here bz it looked more like a home decor store .. do fab india have seperate stores for their home decor section and skin care products or they keep all their products in one store 🙂

    actually the store is farr from my home 🙂 so i’d collect info abt fab india better no then trip of gng and visiting that place would be of some worth 😛
    help help 🙂

  3. Shreya..they stock their skin care range in a corner almarah… :sidefrown: :sidefrown: do step in once and check…

  4. ok plz do me one more favor 🙂 tell me the most raved products of fab india you think i should should buy 😀 i check them according my skin n hair type and then buy all in one go 🙂

  5. Fantastic post Prerana! I’ve been meaning to buy a specealised toner (I use just rose water) & this post is really timely. Have you used Fab India’s basil toner? If so, how does it compare to the tea tree toner?

  6. nice review prerana ! i m using patanjali rose water (after reading anamika’s review ) as toner its pretty decent and does it job well

    btw i brought lakme peach and plum moisturizer its great for my skin ! thanks for suggesting

  7. i have both of them. i like the fabindia one more as it contains more effective ingredients to control acne than the lotus one. the lotus toner also makes my skin oily. 🙁

  8. thanks yaar for the review..i haven’t used lotus one but presently using fabindia tea tree toner and its gr8 for oily skin ..i :heart: it.

  9. hi,
    one question.. i have been following ur posts on fabindia tea tree face wash n toner .. and it looks like it really works .. howevr my question is since i have oily acne prone skin.. i cant follow the regular cleansing tonning mosturizing regime . so pls tell me as to when do u use this tonner and for how many times a day/ week.. ?also is it used before or after using the face wash..?

  10. Kashish…first of all, i love your name…my neice’s name (i named her :-D) is also Kashish…secondly its a WRONG notion that we oilies donot need cleansing toning and moisturizing…we need it the most…just make sure you have the right products.. :-))


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