Fab India Vitamin E Lotion Review


Ohh Gosh !!! I am freezing out here in Delhi and my family is giving me weird look because according to them temperature is still better than what it was before  :-(( :-((.

Talking about temperature yesterday 😀 I read a very funny status which was from sheetal I guess. Status said “Excuse me Dear god!U have mistakenly left your AC on. We children are  kinda freezing down here…so could u pleaz..TURN it OFF!!” :laugh: :laugh:

Now I understand what it is like.My skin is getting drier day by day  and thank God I pretty much stuffed myself with lotions and moisturizer while leaving from Hyderabad.

As mine is a short trip  I picked up Fab India Vitamin E lotion out of all my body lotions.It is a travel size lotion which kept me moisturized whole day long on my last trip (it was spring that time )so choosing this was an obvious option.

Price of Fab India Vitamin E Lotion was Rs 450. I got the whole vitamin E range pack for myself .You can read the reviews here

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Fab India Vitamin E Body LotionI carried the lotion all the time with me and used it on my hands whenever I washed them.It made my journey pretty comfortable that way.It has a flip flap packaging so fear of bottle getting opened while traveling was not there.

Fab India Vitamin E Body lotion review

Key Ingredients –Purified water, Glycerine, Glyceryl Monostearate, Olive Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, anthan Gum, Vitamin E

Product Quantity – 100 ml

Consistency of the product is thick and little of it goes long way.

Fab India Vitamin E lotion swatches

Body Moisturization – I like products which gives intense moisturization to my skin but in terms of moisturization  it turned out pretty average.There was nothing exceptionally good or nothing too bad about its moisturization ability .

Fragrance – I pretty much hated its fragrance.It some how reminds me of some vitamin E capsule smell.

Skin -If used in large quantity it does remove dryness but  my skin doesn’t get any smooth feeling.

Will I re-purchase it – No , I don’t think so .

Recommendation – Oily skin may still like it but as far as dry skin is concerned its a complete No from my side especially during winters.

Wise She Rating – 2.5/5

I am looking for some travel size combo products.Any recommendations??



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