Fab India vitamin E moisturising cream (Product review)

                                                    Fab India vitamin E daily moisturising cream
I have been using this moisturizing face cream since 5-6 months and I have developed a love and hate relationship with this cream because of few reasons .But before I pour my heart out about the product lets us know some nitty gritty of the product.:D
What the product claims – Made with beeswax and olive oil , this daily moisturizing cream provides hydration, elasticity and nutrition to the skin.

     Price of Fab India vitamin E daily moisturizing cream – Rs 150 for 120 ml
   My experience with the product
  I bought this cream in Delhi’s summer and as most of you must be knowing this that I have an combination oily  skin which instead of getting drier is becoming oilier  day by day.Therefore when I used the cream in summers it made me feel terribly greasy.It certainly is moisturizing but the best part was that  in spite of giving intense hydration (which was not required for my skin at that time) it didn’t break me out .I therefore started using this cream on my body and quiet liked it.
    Ingredients – Purified wax, Xanthan Gum, Olive oil, Vitamin E, Allantoin. shea butter , Bees wax
   Consistency of the cream  – Cream is neither too thick nor too runny
After coming to Hyderabad where weather is cold nowadays I started using this facial moisturizer  again and too my surprise I now like the cream on my face as well.It is rich and moisturizing and doesn’t give any shine to my face.

What I liked about the product
1. It has shea butter which gives me extra hydration which my skin needs during winter time.
2 Doesn’t make me feel oily now.
3 Price of the product.
4. Easy to carry.
Dis likes –
1. It reminds me on of  old creams which we use to use during our old days because of its concisstency.
2. Packaging of the cream could have been better.
3.Fab India have not mentioned anything about the skin type which the cream will suit the most therefore even oily skin people can think of giving it a try which will be a total waste for them.

4. I feel greasy if I use it under my make up.

Worth  a Buy – I guess this cream will surly be a worth for those who have dry skin but it is a super dislike for oily skin people especially in summers.Ohh yaa!!! as the cream is not costly you can use it on your body . It will keep your body moisturized all day long.
Rating – 3.5/5 (as I am a oily skin person.I certainly would have given it more if I had dry skin)


  1. hey anamika…i hav combination skin too….u hav reviewed aloe vera moisturising lotion n vit e hydrating cream too..both good for oily skin..which 1 is better ??
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  2. this one wil work for u Jiya and u can try himalaya face wash for dry skin..my friend uses it and she has dry skin.she liked it a lo..even shahnaz hussain cream is great for dry skin..i have reviewed it ..and then gave it to my friend as i was useless for my oily skin..she thank me every day for it 😀
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  3. :dance-left-right: Hi Everyone 🙂 I have a combination skin Dry cheeks and T – Zone oily.. kindly suggest a nice moisturiser. I use Palmers skin therapy oil at night and i must say i love it but i want something for winters


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