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Fabindia Charcoal Scrub

I have been a huge fan of Fab India products since my kaki introduced me to the brand, and when I saw this new launched range of charcoal scrub and pack I had to pick it up. Especially with how much charcoal packs are popular these days I thought why not give this a try. Read on to see whether this fulfilled its claims.


Fabindia Charcoal Scrub Review+best skin care products


Price: Rs 250 for 100 ml. Since a little bit goes a long way in the scrub I believe the price is justified.

Claims, Ingredients and Directions:


Fabindia Charcoal Scrub Review details+facial scrub


My experience with Fabindia Charcoal Scrub:

Packaging: I liked the pretty red, black and white packaging, all three of my favorite colors in one place ;-). It’s the first scrub I have used in a tub form though and it’s really unhygienic, that’s a bit of a minus point for me. It’s got a white inside cover like most other Fabindia tubs products. Since the cover is quite secure and the scrub is also not runny in nature, this is quite travel friendly.


Fabindia Charcoal Scrub Review package+best facial products


Texture: It’s a deep black scrub with very grainy small particles. It’s quite thick in texture.


Fabindia Charcoal Scrub Review Tub+best exfoliator


I have been using this scrub for over a month and I have mixed opinions about it. It’s supposed to be massaged all over moistened face, but I have tried both ways and it doesn’t make much difference either way.


Fabindia Charcoal Scrub Review hand swatch+beauty products


I thought better to sum up my experience as follows-

What I like about Fabindia Charcoal Scrub:

  • My face feels really clean after using this and it imparts a glow which lasts for a few hours.
  • The amazing lemongrass smell it has because of the lemongrass oil in it.
  • It does clean and remove dirt from face as it claims.
  • Very travel friendly packaging.
  • Reasonably priced as per quantity.

What I don’t like about Fabindia Charcoal Scrub:

  • You need a pea sized amount of it, but please don’t take it in the center of your palm, because it settles into the lines and it’s very difficult to remove.
  • As to the claim as mentioned in the posters in the Fabindia outlet that it cools the skin , it really doesn’t do any such thing except if you use a lot and put a thick layer  , which is essentially a wastage of product .
  • Unhygienic  tub packaging
  • The first few times I used it I scrubbed it all over my face like I did all over my previous ones , with medium pressure , after washing my face off my skin literally felt scraped and hurt for around 45 minutes , it was very very irritating
  • Now I know that this has to be used very gently and massaged for very little time, and then it works perfectly. The particles are quite abrasive as can be seen in the following swatch.
  • It dries the skin out v badly; I have to run to get moisturizer immediately after using this. So this is a BIG NO for dry skinned people, ok for normal skin and would work very well for oily skin.


Will I repurchase this and recommendation?

No, I will not repurchase, there are many good scrubs reviewed here, I will probably go for one of them. This isn’t for my skin type.

I would recommend this definitely too oily skinned beauties, it will help to control oil, but use this with a very gentle hand. But dry and normal skinned girls should stay away from this.

Rating: 3.5/5

Which is your favorite scrub?

Have you tried Fabindia Charcoal Scrub?

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    • I have had a bad experience with this , but i still intend to try out the aromamagic pack.

      Which charcoal one have you used?

  1. I recently tried out Origins Charcoal face pack and its moisturizing, cleansing as well as imparts a glow to your face that lasts for days. I loved it!!


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