FabIndia Facial Spray Bitter Orange Review


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Product: FabIndia Facial Spray- Bitter Orange

Let me warn you that I am a huge fan of FabIndia products, so be prepared to see tons and tons of FabIndia reviews from me. I have never been disappointed by any of my FabIndia buys, but frankly, I have to admit that some have been pretty average. One such product is FabIndia Facial Spray- Bitter Orange.

What the Fab India product claims:-


A cool spray which is made of natural essential oil that instantly rejuvenates and refreshes you.

  • Price: INR 125 for 50ml.


FabIndia Facial Spray- Bitter Orange

The packaging is very chic and convenient. It comes in a small spray bottle that is very light and easy to carry around. The liquid inside is transparent in color, though it looks orange in its concentrated form. The smell is obviously very orange-y with a hint of bitterness to it, if that makes any sense.  It’s not your usual fruity orange smell. For me the dealbraker was its taste which is extremely bitter. I had to rinse my mouth with mouthwash the first time I accidently tasted it while licking my lips.


FabIndia Facial Spray- Bitter Orange review

We all know the beauty benefits of orange, so I am guessing this spray has no side-effects on the skin. Be forewarned that you should never apply orange in any form before going out into the sunlight for prolonged periods because orange has phototoxic effects i.e. it reacts with the rays of the sun. So, I use this spray as a toner in my nightly CTM routine.

It does have a cooling effect when applied on skin, but nothing you cannot achieve with lesser priced products.

Fabindia Bitter Orange Facial Spray+Orange spray of fab India


What I like about Fab India Spray Bitter Orange:-


  • Nice orange-y fragrance.
  • Packaging is convenient. Easy to carry around.
  • Has a refreshing effect.
  • Can be used as a toner.


What I do not like Fab India Facial Spray Bitter Orange:-


  • Extremely bitter to taste. If even one tiny bit goes into your mouth accidently while spraying, you will want to puke!
  • Not worth the price.
  • Cannot use this in the daytime before going out in the sun.


Orange facial spray India


Will I purchase it again: No. My FabIndia Rose Water serves the purpose very well.

Will I recommend this: Only if you are nuts about orange-y things and want to possess each and every product that exists.


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  1. Nice review :), I have it in my bag rt now… amazingly wakes me up If I am feeling sleepy :),

    Not included in my CTM, but I use it just to refresh after Gym and lazy work 🙂

  2. I was going to try this next but I think I’ll avoid it…firstly the price is too much and I wudnt want t face the consequences if this gets into my eyes!

    • Zara..if you are looking for a facial spray from FI, then try lemongrass instead of this…I am going to review it soon, so based on that you can decide which you one want to get!

      FYI This stings if it gets into the eyes :dazed:

  3. Prachi i dry many orange peels and then what happens is they stay dried and one day it rains and they fall down..this has taken place some 3 times with me now.

  4. bitter orange spray..will be bad in taste certainly! ..and dont know wat will happen if it goes into eyes by mistake.. 🙁
    i guess i will skip this product..


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