Fabindia Neem Tulsi Face and Body Gel Scrub Review


Fabindia Neem Tulsi Face and Body Gel Scrub

Hi Girls,

In my latest visit to Fab India I came out laden with goodies, my product for today being one of them. I have acne prone oily skin on my face and normal skin otherwise so when I saw Fab India’s Neem Tulsi face and body gel scrub it sounded like 3 awesome products rolled into one, I HAD TO have it!


Fabindia Neem Tulsi Face and Body Gel Scrub  Review+care skin


About Fabindia Neem Tulsi Face and Body Gel Scrub:

Our body and face gel scrub, especially formulated for daily use is made with natural active ingredients. It gently exfoliates the skin leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated all day long.

Ingredients: Purified water, propylene Glycol, Walnut Shell powder, Carbopol 940, Aloe Vera extract, Neem Leaves, Phenoxyethanol, Lactic Acid, Neem oil, Tulsi oil, Allantoin.

How to use: Apply a scoop of scrub to wet skin and gently massage all over the body in circularmotion, focusing on rough skin areas. Rinse and clean thoroughly.


Fabindia Neem Tulsi Face and Body Gel Scrub  Review Details+skin care reviews


Size:100 ml

Price:Rs. 250.You can buy it online.

My experience with Fabindia Neem Tulsi Face and Body Gel Scrub:

I have been using this Gel scrub for a week. The scrub has minute granulesthat are smooth and don’t irritate the gentle facial skin. This product doesn’t lather and hence a fairly large quantity is required to bathe. I would be using two 2 rupee coin sized scoops every day.


Fabindia Neem Tulsi Face and Body Gel Scrub  Review Package+scrub


What I like about Fabindia Neem Tulsi Face and Body Gel Scrub:

  • Pack- Most Fabindia products come in this standard Tub style. The pack has a [email protected] on cap and it fits tightly so there’s no chance of any spillage. Also the size is good for travel.
  • Product- it applies well on the face and doesn’t irritate or break me out. It smells of Tulsi, more than Neem. But it’s not an organic smell, a little clinical. But I don’t mind.
  • The gel has 3types of granules- brown, green and white coloured ones. All the granules are mild which was very good. The Tulsi leaves is a lovely organic touch to the gel, which I like. I don’t know however if it helps to add to the ‘invigorating or refreshing the body’.
  • I can however say that I bought this gel because my acne has been acting up for a few days and this product didn’t aggravate it. And I’m glad I did. Girls with troublesome skin can definitely use this as a mild facial scrub every 2 days. When used indulgently (like in my pics below) it leaves the skin soft and smooth and leaves me happy! 😉


Fabindia Neem Tulsi Face and Body Gel Scrub  Review Hand Swatch+skin care


What I don’t like about Fabindia Neem Tulsi Face and Body Gel Scrub:

  • Pack- Tub style. Being a scrub it gets under my nails (literally) and I dislike digging every timeto get rid of the stray granules. Also, while bathing I have dripped loads of water into the tub every time I try to dig out another scoop- so not happy.
  • Product- It doesn’t lather! I can’t come to terms with the fact that a bath scrub doesn’t lather! One can argue that it’s a gel (Duh! I should have guessed), but it took me nearly 3 days to get a rhythm on how much I should be scooping out. I just didn’t know when to stop!  (Shower gels seem to have spoilt me rotten, I need lather!!)
  • The smell doesn’t last, AT ALL! I wish it did then, I would have rated this product even higher then. We girls like lingering smells and Fabindia should know that by now (tsk tsk)
  • Price: for the quantity that is required every time you use it, it’s pricey. But if you use it as merely a face gel scrub, then its goooood.

Overall verdict?

Good, but pricey! It’s a good face scrub if you ask me, but for the body as a bath scrub? Naah…

Rating: 3/5

Have you tried Fabindia Neem Tulsi Face and Body Gel Scrub?



  1. Build one branded name needs 54 years, but spoiling its name in customers’ heart can be in one second. it is really my unlucky day to enter into Fabindia store, they sold the skin care products to me which is going to expire. Their service is so bad and so rude, blaming it is customer’s fault for not checking the expire date, and force me to keep these expired items and remove the tag and repackage,then send these gifts to my relatives. Fabindia products and service is so bad, they didn’t give me any response and solution after sold me these expired products, force me to keep these expired rubbish products, expired products is equal to rubbish, the customer service of Fabindia is extremely worse, this product brand and service totally lost my trust, who knows how this company manufacturing their products?? just repackaging the expired products and selling to customers??? it is unbelievable!!! and i was rudely serviced by the Fabindia store in India, it is my most unlucky day for enter into Fabinda store and select Fabinda products.3415 money just for buying a cheating experience, it is valuable. fortunately i didn’t select more items, otherwise these rubbish items will waste me more money. just say goodbye to Fabindia, i will never rudely cheated by your products, because i will never enter into your Fabindia store in the second time!!!


  2. I would like to recommend this product for those who have dry skin and pores on their face. Its a really good product with beautiful cleansing stuff in it. My face has become bright smooth and fair. It gives an extra glow to your face. I strongly recommend this product.


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