Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil Review


Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil


Hi everybody,

While our generation buys the richest of the spray perfume bottles, I’ve seen my mom always inclined towards perfume oils or ‘ittars’ especially the rose ones. Now, you know where my love for roses comes from. I came across these roll on perfume oil options at fabindia and I immediately picked two variants for my mom. She has liked these very much and here I am to give you my review on the rose variant.


Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil


Price: INR 200

About Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil:

Fab india wild rose perfume oil 9ml at the best price. To ensure the longevity of natural perfume, store it in a cool dark place. The perfume oil comes with a handy roll on applicator and can be conveniently tucked into the purse or pocket for touch ups throughout the day. Perfume oils have a sweet lingering aroma. The fine, delicate complexity of the essential oils used ¡n these fragrances creates an all pleasant mood. These oils are free from paraffins, phthalates and harmful chemicals and so are safe to use.


  • Natural source of vitamin e
  • For external use only
  • Grape seed oil


Fabindia Rose Perfume Oil


My experience with Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil:

This comes in a small transparent tube kind of packaging with the roll on head. This packaging is very convenient to be used on the go. I mean this would fit almost anywhere and you will not have to worry about remembering to apply perfume before stepping out. Though the material is plastic type but it is sturdy enough and what more could be asked for that price tag.

Coming to the fragrance- boy it is one of its kind fragrance and everything that a rose oil perfume should have. The fragrance is more of an Indian rose and no other fragrance is blended in it. It is mild and not at all overpowering as in the case of some ittars. You apply it on the skin and it would linger on as a mild fragrance that would be noticeable to the ones who come closer but not to the ‘1 feet apart’ ones.


Fabindia Wild Rose PerfumeOil


The best part that my mom quotes about this is its longevity. This mild fragrance lasts for almost a whole day and she loves it for that. “It is very gentle and stays as your body’s own natural mild smell for the whole day” that is what my mom says.

It neither irritates the skin nor does it stain the clothes if you touch it on sometime. Price wise it is perfect for just about everyone I believe.

Overall, this is a must try roll on perfume oil in my view. They’ve got 4-5 more fragrances in this range and you are likely to find your choice in this or another variant. If not for yourselves, pick for your moms and they’ll love it.


Fabindia Wild Rose Oil


What I like about Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil:

  • Cute and convenient packaging.
  • Pure rose mild and soothing fragrance
  • Stays for almost an entire day in its mild form.
  • It does not irritate the skin.
  • Does not stain the clothes.
  • Fits almost any where
  • Very decent pricing
  • Availability is not a problem at all.

What I do not like about Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil:

  • Packaging could have been made more attractive but that is not really a con.

Rating: 4.25/5

Until next time, take care!

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  1. I love these perfumed oils from FI. I have 2 more variants along with wild rose and I absolutely love it. I didnot like the Lavender one though. It smells more of almond oil than Lavender.

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