My face chart for beginners in make up

When ever my friends or readers ask my about make up I try my level best but some times I myself do not feel satisfied with my explanation.I thought of making a face chart so that one can fully understand the make up application and where to apply them and how to play with them.Applying make is like an art where our face is a canvas.
I an not very good with make up and I feel I need to learn a lot but what ever I have learnt till date has given lot of boost to my confidence.
So below is a face map or a face chart which will help those who are beginners in make up .

I have just applied loose powder ,  kajal and lip balm on my face so please don’t mind the flaws:D

Every one has different face structure so crease of the eyes , apples of the cheeks or hollow of the cheek differs but by looking at the pic one can have good idea.
Below here are the parts which I have mentioned:-
-brow and natural arch
-bridge of the nose
-tip of the nose
 brow bone
-crease of the eyelid (this varies for all kinds of eye shape)
-lash line
-under eye area
-tear duct

-apple of the cheek
-hollow of the cheek
-corner of the mouth
-peaks of the lip
-tip of the chin


  1. I think you can do another post on eye.. Do that one with make up. So readers can see where you have applied the different eyeshadows – in the crease, lid and outer V.

  2. A pro!! You have gopt beautiful eyes and of course a face… but your eyes are amazing!! you know it're true, don't you?

  3. he he..mmmm well wont disagree but yes I have always been complimented for my eyes..and I take full advantage of them:P

  4. @anamika!hr sweetheart!lots of problems in pak-from air crash to floods!hardly can get my eyes off tv as I want to become a journalist!plus exams from 9th august!surely will join u after exams!adding to the problems,having a bad flu!

  5. Ohh i didnt know that Humaira…Ijust checked yaa Pakistant is going thru lot of problem nowadays …hope things solve out early..hey u want to become a journalist even I wanted to become that one day but then people demotiavted me syaing u will have to stand for hours to get one interview and go to remote areas and all…is it true kya?

  6. I don't know about waiting for interviews but if one is able to join a good media house, he is lucky!going to remote areas and other rural places is fun as well as challenging but only if family permits!


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