Oil therapy for face for dry and combination skin (Deep cleansing method)

Most of us hesitate in applying oil on our face but if you have dry or a combination skin this method can bring back the lost moisture from your face and will solve many of your beauty problems.

This method will dissolve the oil that has hardened with impurities and found itself stuck in the pores. Steam will open up the pores and will allow the oil to be easily removed .The main aim of the method is to deep clean the skin meanwhile balance the skin oil production.

Use good quality facial cotton pads available easily in the market

So let us learn this oil therapy

Use this therapy once in a month. Take 2tsp almond oil and 2tsp olive oil. You can take coconut oil instead of olive oil too. Heat the oil a bit. Now take large rounds of cotton pads and give it a shape of your face. Soak the pad into the oil and put it on your face. Make sure that oil is not too hot not too cold . Now press the cotton pads a bit so that oil is absorbed easily by your skin.

Make sure that oil doesn’t get into your eyes as well. You can put soaked rose essence (gulab jal) cotton balls on your eyes to have a soothing effect.

Remove the hot oil cotton pads when they get cool. With the help of your hands massage the oil on your face .This will remove make up, dirt and other impurities. Give the oil ample time in dissolving impurities of your face.

When whole of your face soaks the oil and you are satisfied with the massage pick up a clean small towel and soak it in clean steamy water. Water should be lukewarm enough to open your pores and remove the oil. Cover your face with the towel and allow it to cool. You yourself will feel that your pours are releasing the impurities. Repeat the wash cloth process 2-3 times so that whole oil gets out of your pores.

There is no need to scrub your face after using this therapy .Just wash your face with cold water in the end so that all the open pores get close. Apply a mild moisturizer if you feel the need. By this time your skin will be glowing and will be free from all the impurities.

If oily skin people want to use this therapy then they should apply a multani mitti(fuller earth pack) after washing face with cold water.

Using this therapy will help in getting rid of black and white heads. Blemishes and wrinkles will slowly fade away and will slower down skin aging process.


  1. This is the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) – I just love this! I do this with coconut & jojoba oil and I can actually feel the dirt and blackheads dislodging themselves.

  2. No you don't.. But the rest is same. You warm the oil mixture, apply to skin, let it soak for a few mins and then massage. Finally use a hot wet towel and steam the face to allow oil to penetrate and then wipe off with hot/warm water and a face towel.

  3. Hi ,Avoid this in pimples..There are many remedies which have been written on the site for pimples problem…If you don't find me then give me yur email address i will mail you.

  4. Hey Anamika … Have been following your blog for some time..Came to know about your blog from Tanveer's blog …Really enjoy reading your post…Shall try this method as i have combination skin leaning towards dry skin type…Shweta

  5. hiii anamika…jz temme wat shud b done for acne???can i use this oil therapy???my skin s normal skin but due to dis pimples it luks oily…suggest me sumthing which wil help me plzz…my email address is [email protected]


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