Face Pack For Fairness /Homemade face scrub


Few months back a reader Jahan mailed me and asked me about Nafia fairness magic cream.This cream was becoming talk of the town .Lets face it – just like west is obsessed with anti wrinkle creams, we Indians are obsessed with fairness. Woman in India are ready to try anything to become fair :). I had no clue how this cream was and neither was I interested in trying out. Frankly speaking, their site scared me. I had put this question here and since than I got many comments … some I guess from Nafia cream team itself defending their cream and arguing against all those who complained … I asked them to provide some proofs.

Few weeks back there was another reader who wrote this to me about the Nafia cream

Hiiiiiii Im new to wise she… Hi all.. Wanted to help ppl who wants to know the reviews of this fairness cream.. First of all the before and after photos were stolen from a whitening tablet selling site..

Then if you want to get fair,.. Try badam powder with milk & lime, then also try honey with lime for 14days continuously and u will see amazing glow and good texture skin.. use sunscreen cuz whn u try to get fair , u will tan easily..

Use higher SPF.. use masks at night or evnings.. Also try ponds flawless white day cream and night cream.. it is soooooooooo amazing… love it.. it maintains the glow which u dont get in usual fairness creams.. also u will be a shade or two brighter.. notice when i say brighter but it works magically.. if i dont use that i look too dark and dul.. … night cream is must try in this range..

try peels if u really really wanna go few shades lighter.. Go for diamond peeling in a good parlour.

I wanted to try her almond scrub which she mentioned and have been using it daily and my skin is looking much better.My hands are really tanned and  am using the almond scrub on them also. I don’t see much of a difference in them right now but they do look cleaner.

This is how I prepared the almond face mask or almond face scrub

I am a lazy girl so I made scrub for 2-3 days :D:D and kept it in the fridge.This is how I made it

Step 1 – Soak 9-10 almonds in water for 3 hours and peel off its brown outer covering. Add some milk which will help in grinding almond paste. Consistency will look like this. I have used my Lush container to store the pack.

Fairness Facial scrub

Step 2 – I added  half lemon juice  in it .Lemon acts as a bleaching agent so if you want you can increase or decrease the quantity as per your skin sensitivity.Lemon is acidic in nature so it might react on sensitive skin.

Home Made Face Mask To Get Fair Skin

Step 3 – Mix all the ingredients and apply on face for 2 minutes.Massage in circular motion and wash it off with water.As it is grainy it will keep falling from your face so do take care of that and stand in front of your wash basin before using it.

Face Pack For Fairness


This is it and we are done 🙂

I use sunscreen on my skin every single day so it  might have helped too.

If you would like to be fair then there is nothing better than going for natural ways rather than using creams which claim to make you fair after using just once.

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  1. instead i would prefer to eat almond and milk , i don’t know that this face scrub will make u fair or not bt drinking milk with almond will increase ur face glow sure…. :laugh: :rotfl: :rotfl: , yaar don’t go on my comments , just try the pack and test urself…..

  2. wah waah.. kya article hai!!
    ahem thats wat i say all the time… dont use such creams 😛
    always go for natural way!!!
    and giving ur face a gud massage of yoghurt helps a lot. It makes ur skin really glowing etc etc 😛

  3. zara even i tan in summers bt i think when i applied besan wth dahi and haldi on my face , it have removed my tan bt i cant do it regularly , am so sanki , just become restless by putting any mask like kab sukhega , kab sukhega arey bas bahut ho gaya chalo dho do…just do concenterate that i have applied something which cant be bearable ………… isnt am so cranky?

  4. yaar bus i m leaving , u guys do u know by 3pm i m here on this site , got so addicted & ab meri ankhon mei dard ho raha hai….. goodnight & :yawn: take care! :yawn: :yawn:

  5. Hey.. rembr the home made oil recipe which I shared earlier given to me by a salon friend. She also used to make such scrub. I have just finished my jar. She used to grind almonds and add some suji and few saffron strands.This was a dry scrub which had a good shelf life. I used to mix some milk/cleansing milk and use it. I will go to India this month end for my annual vacation. Will try to post the orig recipe fm her.

  6. There are so many brands in India that offer some lighting creams. I guess it is a personal choice to use them, but one shd use only reputed brands. You never know what ingredients these creams may have. It is always better to have healthy skin rather than pale, white skin 🙂

  7. wahhh anamika..ye scrub laga ke mai gori gori ho jaungi…i like the janhavi’s dry scrub recepie also……..suits me..the lazzy bum

  8. nice ….. i had used almond & milk may be 2-3 years ago… it works amazingly.. 😉 😉 but now a days i am a lazy girl wake up too late so no time for these home remedies :laugh: :laugh: now first time i recently bough Himalaya fairness cream .. will review soon


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