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Face shape  – Most of us believe that we know about our face shape but it is quiet an controversial topic . Some believe that there is nothing as such what every one calls as a true face shape.
Many stylist have claimed that there are basically four types of face shape which include
Some of the other stylist also claims that there are face shapes like
Tout the triangle,
Diamond facial shapes.
There are stylisht which have claimed that face shapes can be mixed too which is possible too.
What is my face shape?
One of my friend believed that she has oval shape but her hair stylist told her that her’s is  a round face. One can not be exactly sure when it comes to facial shape but if one knows it then they can have a good idea of the baseline shape.One can easily know what hair style will suit them or which are the areas which they need to counter on their face by knowing their face shape.
Bollywood Celebrity face shape
Oval face – Almost all types of hair cuts look good on this face.Length equal to one and half times of the width.This face changes  according to weight gain or loss with age.It is common for people who have a classic oval face to have small features.
 Karisma Kapoor has oval face. Even Britney spears and Sarah Michelle to appear to have oval face.
Round face shape:-If you  have round face then your face will be as wide as it is long.This may vary a little where your face is not quite wide as it is long but with in 1/4 to 1/2 inches.
 Bollywood actress Shilpa shetty have a round face.In Hollywood Baby spice and Kate hudson have a classic round face.
Hair cuts for round face – I too have a round face and to counter it up I try to give oval face look to my face.This can be done by giving volume on top of our head.
Back combing helps a lot and yes please short hair are not for us as it makes our face look more rounder.Always try to add length to your hair.You can opt for shoulder length or long hair and yes layering the hair always helps .Rollers also suits round face people provided face should not too broad otherwise you may never come to  know but you might look like a aunty.
Long/Rectangular face – Longer than it is wide

Katrina Kaif has long face and even Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe on Friends) and Sarah Jessica Parker.
If you have a long face and you choose a wrong hair style then it is going to make you look older.Therefore choosing a right hairstyle for long faces is very important.There are many hair cuts for long face but not every hairstyle suits every one. 
Firstly, one should avoid the hairstyle which is either too short or too long for any long face.It is better to avoid hairstyle which needs cutting on forhead as it makes the face look even longer.
Those who have straight hair can add bangs to their hair to make their face look sexy and younger.Curly hair cuts and even waves suits long face the reason being that curly hairstyles add width to long narrow faces making them a better option
So now you know how some of the  Bollywood celebrities choose their hairstyle according to their face shape.To find the exact shape of your face you need your measuring tape.You can even use ruler and follow the following steps:-
1.Measure your face across the top of your cheek bones and then write down your measurement .If you can remember it then there is nothing like it.
2.Measure across your jaw line from the widest point to the widest point and write down the measurement again.
3.Now measure across your forehead at the widest point .
4. In the end measure from the tip of your headline to the bottom of your chin.
This will help you in knowing the right shape of your face.Best thing to do is to find your face shape and then compare it with celebrities who have the same face type.Many celebrity are famous for their face shape as their hair color, length and style
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