Face Wash For Acne Prone Skin


Yeshas asks,

Hi gals,
I don’t have acne prone skin but I have small zits on my nosy infact they are quite in number.I was wondering which facewash and face cream suits for this?Do you gals have any suggestion for this ?


Face wash for acne prone skin



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  1. Hi Yeshas,
    You have very different name… :-))
    If you have zits on your nose or face it might be black heads or white heads….
    If you are sure they are not Acne use this remedy mix curd and rice powder and apply on the nose rub gently..leave it for a minute and then wash it with warm water.
    Face wash for Acne prone skin upto my experience…I have used Neutrogena face wash range which worked good on my skin….use it if you have Oily skin…
    If you have dry skin use Cetaphil cleansing lotion is really good…
    Other than apply lemon and Honey mixture in equal quantity on the small zits regularly will clear out them without marks…
    Drink lot of water… 😀
    Take care… :rose:

  2. Contrary to popular reviews…C&C broke me out recently 🙁 the fresh burst something from the new range of cleansers…but Garnier hasn’t given me any trouble & I am loving FE…try FE actually…it’s amazing..I use Narangi & nargeskar with rose water everyday 🙂

  3. For zits, whiteheads, blackheads etc use sebamed clear face cleansing foam..it was recommended to me by my derma and it works fab! also for oily skin you can try vichy’s normaderm range cleansing gel or avene cleasing gel..both work well for oily skin.

    For zits and bumps on face try using a toner..create your own toner of green tea + tea tree oil + lavender oil..it works really well..also u can try using fab india tea tree oil toner

  4. Hello all,

    Thanks for such a wonderful answers. However I too have same kind of problem, can some one help me?
    Because of that zits/ blackheads it left a scar on my nose and this scar is not leaving me from years.

    I have even consulted to dermatologist, he suggested me to use derma color and hide it. But I want it to be get rid off permanently. Can some one help me?

  5. Hi Star, Try using fresh aloe vera gel, you can also try raw milk. Apply to the whole face n neck as often as you can. I donno how effective it would be but so far it has helps me to lighten blemishes, tan n dark circles, so shud help you.
    There are some creams in the market for lightening scars, mederma or something. Have you tried it?

    • Star the scar needs to be surgically ‘lifted’ , you will have to get to a derma for that. Soryy sweets you cannot get ‘rid’ of it completely unless you go through some cosmetic procedure..cause teh tissue at that spot is permanently damaged and cnnot be repaired by superficial menas..i have a silly scar from chicken pox right on the middle of my nose..but i dont feel like going in for cosmetc surgery….the choice is your to make 🙂

  6. Use Clean and Clear Scrub… its a facewash scrub combo.. works well… and budget friendly…
    Dont buy the C and C facewashes in bottles.. buy only ones in tubes..

  7. You sure they are not blackheads? If so then try using sandalwood paste with a pinch of turmeric to calm down the zits and use a good toner to keep them at bay…you can use Sebamed Facewash for the entire face , even Cetaphil for oily and acne is good


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